Holiday Sudoku and ESL Christmas games -

Holiday Sudoku and ESL Christmas games

Myargonauts Jason
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I shot this video after school on my own time, with student volunteers who helped me out before going home.

I briefly go over 3 easy games you can play and adapt to a holiday or Christmas theme.

I use the points-under-the-flashcards game ALL the time – especially with large or combined classes- it’s an easy way to get my shogakusei paying attention and rooting for their team.

The magnet/sticker game sometimes works best if you have smaller or alternate stickers to give to the “losers” or all the kids who didn’t get a chance to pick a card. Sometimes I ask a simple question, like “2+2=?” in English to pick the student who gets to pick a card for a try at a sticker, so they have to “earn” it a little, but sometimes I just pick a random number or let the HRT pick.

Holiday Sudoku is found here:

They have a harder one with the word “wreath” that I will use next week, since the “snow” one was way too easy for my Jr High kids. But they enjoyed it.

Thanks for watching, commenting and rating.


PS – My Xmas flashcards were mostly from

Have fun!


  1. A bit stupid and fast students not ready at all

  2. Hahaha pretty girls. I want to join this game too.
    You are a good teacher 🙂

  3. Ah, this game looks really fun. I bet you could play it with kiddos just learning to talk at a …*brain fart*….day care center!

  4. Very interesting :] Thanks for the semi-classroom teaching vid ^^

  5. It is for privacy reasons. He had videos of students on here once before, but the teachers were afraid it was not safe for their students. So he is not allowed to show the kids faces on here. =(


  6. It's cool how you give examples how you teach. Should be very helpful for the new JETs. Looks like it would be fun to play with the students.


  7. Wicked video. I like how you share your teaching ideas. This will be my no #1 reference if I get onto the JET programme next year. Thankyou very much.

  8. interesting question, but I have no idea. sorry. I teach at public schools, so my guess is that taxes that Japanese people pay help support the schools.

  9. these particular girls are very genki – crazy enough to participate in a video they even tho they didn't really know what I was saying most of the time. 🙂
    So yeah, it's just a privacy issue.

  10. Kids here get two weeks off of school in winter, centering on the New Years' holiday, which is a big deal here.
    Two weeks in spring from late March, and 5 weeks in summer from late July.

  11. the numbers under the flashcards are just points – if one team selects the card with a "50" under it, then their team gets 50 points. Next time they pick a card with 20 under it, so now they have 70 pts and the team with the most points wins.

    The magnets with stickers simply mean that if they pick a card and the magnet holding the card has a sticker, the student gets a sticker. The images don't matter.

    Yeah – Sudoku isn't that well known here either. But my kids enjoyed the game.

  12. I know you get many thanks but I also wanted to give you my thanks as well. I have been teaching in Nara, Japan for about 4 months already. I have no previous teaching experience. Lesson planning is the hardest part of the job I feel. Especially with Junior High School. I have a lot to learn as an alt. I often come to your videos for advice, so thanks again!

  13. thanks for the nice comment and feedback. Good luck in your teaching!

  14. I don’t agree with reading both English and Japanese. I get why one would do it, but I have kindergartens that can understand just the English, if you read it with good gestures and the pictures go along well with the story. I don’t know those books so maybe they’re heavily written; in that case….yea Japanese version is nice.

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