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A look at all the Christmas themed videogames for the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, PC, Ms-Dos, Game Boy, Game Gear and other retro systems. Are these games any good? I guess we’ll find out.

00:00 – Christmas Themed Videogames
00:31 – The Daze Before Chritmas (SNES)
01:54 – The Daze Before Chritmas (Mega Drive)
02:38 – Home Alone (Nintendo Game Boy)
04:01 – Home Alone (SNES)
04:55 – Home Alone (NES)
06:11 – Home Alone (Sega Genesis)
07:02 – Home Alone (Sega Game Gear)
07:09 – Home Alone (Sega Master System)
08:28 – Home Alone (MS-Dos)
10:18 – The Grinch (Game Boy Color)
12:14 – Die Hard (Ms-Dos)
13:14 – Die Hard (NES)
15:15 – Die Hard (PC Engine)
15:53 – 3D Xmas Adventure (Ms-Dos)
17:10 – Santa Claus Saves The Earth (GBA)
18:35 – Batman Returns (Atari Lynx)
19:07 – Batman Returns (NES)
19:46 – Batman Returns (Super Nintendo)
20:42 – Batman Returns (Sega Genesis)
21:23 – Batman Returns (Sega Master System)
22:32 – Batman Returns (Sega Game Gear)
23:10 – Batman Returns (Ms-Dos)
24:39 – James Pond 2 (SNES)
27:14 – Santa Claus Junior (Game Boy Color)
28:16 – Home Alone 2 (NES)
29:07 – Home Alone 2 (SNES)
29:48 – Home Alone 2 (Game Boy)
30:08 – Home Alone 2 (Mega Drive)
30:34 – Home Alone 2 (Ms-Dos)
31:17 – Christmas Carnage (Ms-Dos)
32:11 – Santa Claus No Takarabako (Famicom Disk System)
33:11 – Frosty’s Busy Night (Commodore 64)
34:18 – Lethal Weapon (Super Nintendo)
35:16 – Lethal Weapon (Nintendo Entertainment System)

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  1. Plot twist: the grinch made all these to make us start hating Christmas

  2. This trend was always caused by some greedy corporate arse demanding the impossible, usually slamming some poor team with a last minute demand to "Make it before Christmas". Its a story I have heard about video games often enough.

  3. Over time I have figured out you can tell how old a player is in a shooter game by how frequently they jump.

  4. There is 1 or 2 games I know that released in Dec that are blasphemy for their existence. Sonic 06, and the worst of them all the game that almost ended gaming entirely E.T. for the atari 2600.

  5. Holiday hare versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2 are xmas games.

  6. The worst video game I got for Christmas was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows part 2 for the DS

  7. Gremlins for the Atari 2600 could be considered a Christmas game since the movie takes place around Christmas time. Also Gremlins Stripe vs. Gizmo. And Elf Bowling.

  8. You are correct that Batman Returns (Sega Genesis version) was difficult to get use to. However, if that and just the first level is all you have to rate it on… I mean, come on, make like an AVGN and play the thing through first, THEN hate on it. You eventually get an instinct for it, though, and it becomes more entertaining. It's still not the best game, but it's also not the worst either.

  9. I hate to say this but Die Hard is NOT a Christmas film. it just happens to take place around the holidays, but it doesn't focus on anything Christmas related at all

  10. The thumbnail reminded me of Irate Gamer

  11. The Grinch game looks really amazing as does some of the Batman Returns games.

    That was a lot of movie games for Home Alone though.

  12. I don't think you gave the NES Home Alone a fair shake. It's far more challenging than you think, and your method for laying traps in a loop wouldn't work because:

    A: All Traps can only be used 3 times, with one exception (the chandeliers)
    2: Each trap has a different "knock-out" time, with the Chandeliers being the longest, which can actually be used 4 times in total if you are successful in dropping them on the Wet bandits as they pass beneath you on the second floor (requires timing/luck because bandit search at random unless they see you.)
    D: Surviving the whole 20 minute is easier said than done and you didn't even mention the hiding spots, with each also having their own time limits and can only be passed over twice by an enemy when hidden.

    Keeping track of how many traps you've used and how long you have hidden in the hiding spots makes the game a unique experience that is unlike any other NES game, and is actually developed by Bethesda, makers of stuff like Skyrim, so for NES game 'gems', I honestly don't think you have the stones to tackle the game proper. I've only ever beaten it once with save states, I doubt many could beat it without cheating.

  13. I actually owned Home Alone for the SNES as a kid. The basement music coupled with the grey brick background made me half expect to see Sub-Zero and Kano fighting down there.

  14. Telltale home alone would you play it? and if so would it be good?

  15. The Pie3D Game Creation system was something I spent countless hours having fun with. As janky as it was, it has a very special place in my heart. By the time they discontinued the MS-DOS version, I had learned how to get the engine to do all kinds of stuff that wasn't even listed in the documentation. Due to it's esoteric graphics format, and single 256 color palette per-game limitation, its also where I learned how to down sample graphical assets with minimal quality degradation. I still fire it up on DosBox now and then.

  16. I waited until Christmas to watch this. Thank you for the wonderful gift 😊

  17. You make me thankful for angry video game nerd. You are like the bottom barrel wanna be from wish.

  18. I have always liked the die hard game… 🤣 I thought I was alone

  19. I remember asking for Megaman 2 on GameBoy but instead got Home Alone 2 😑

  20. To this day I still don't get why Friday the 13th gets such a bad rap…it was badass back in the day

  21. Haven’t watched this guy before, I love his accent

  22. As kids, I think we all wanted to get games for Christmas, not games about Christmas. A slight change to the wording can really change the meaning of a phrase quite a bit.

  23. Batman Returns on SNES is one of my all time favorite Konami beat em ups! And I still have it in my SNES collection.

  24. Daze before Xmas looks like a booger man reskin

  25. Home alone for the snes may have been bad but it holds a special place in my childhood.

  26. I actually like the music from The Daze Before Christmas.

  27. Germany is kind of known for censorship. They censor everything from weapons, to violence, to alcohol, to religion, to references to war. But for some reason, the one thing they are okay with is nudity. Their media contains a ton of it.

  28. You lost me when you bad mouthed Home Alone for Genesis just cause you don’t know how to play it. That game is actually pretty amazing and on the difficult level it’s insanely challenging but still once you’ve perfected crafting weapons it’s pretty easy to master.

  29. Have to disagree about Daze Before Christmas. At least on Mega Drive I rate it a hidden gem although very expensive to get a copy. Also the James Pond games are great! What's wrong with Euro platformers??? Bah humbug! 😆

    36:21 I think that's what he said to me before blocking me on Twitter. 🤔

    The final thing worth pointing out is you left off a few games. One game you didn't cover was Batman Returns on the Amiga which I thought odd considering you covered pretty much every other unique version of the game, I guess that can happen when you rely on Audi for research instead of a source like MobyGames. 😂

  30. I got Chakan the forever man for Xmas once… I asked for it based off the cover art 😂😕

  31. Do u have Parsec so we play online together? I mean any game in the world. Parsec is free and cool.

  32. Thank you for including Die Hard XD

  33. I don't if you'll ever do this but do you think you can cover Contra Hard Corps and the Phantasy Star games as some sort of a retrospective

  34. This is literally amazing!! Promote your social media with Promo`SM!!

  35. 33:53 Dats not Voodolph the Red nosed Reindeer. Dat is Frosty the Snowman.

  36. Óptimo vídeo.
    O Paratrooper é um jogo genial! Tantas horas que joguei. Devia haver uma versão para Master System ou Game Gear.

  37. I am one of the very few people who actually really like the NES Home Alone game.

  38. The two map bits cracked me up! Yo Germany what the fu…

  39. My dad got me avatar on the 360 for cristmass. I enjoyed it.

  40. I like how you played a bunch of versions of the games that had them, and included movie-based games

  41. Thank you very much for acknowledging Die Hard as a Christmas thing!

  42. My sister had "Home Alone" for the Gameboy when we were kids. It wasn't the worst game in the world. I enjoyed playing it from time to time, even though I realized it had major flaws. lol

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