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I’m Playing 8 Christmas Games Made in 3 days

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Our amazing GDU students made 8 holiday themed games in only 3 days, so let’s check ’em out! I’ll also be holding the student’s Q&A, which is normally a closed members-only stream, but we wanted to share the fun with you all. Happy holidays!

GDU Game Jam #3 (Theme: Winter) –

5 seats are available to join GDU for 50% off! We’d love to have you, check it out here and use coupon code GAMEJAM098121398.


  1. I haven't seen the shining yet. It's my call to change that 😉

  2. I'm saving money, I hope there will still be some room for me in your course X) I know i'm late XD

  3. Nevermind, I found it and bought the 7 day course, I was worried it had ended. Thanks for this, you're awesome, and earned a sub.

  4. Those were some nice games, thanks for all the content and the help you are giving to the game dev community David.

  5. I made a Christmas game for android last year, it wasn't great, but it happened 😄

  6. I got Playmaker because of you, and I gotta say I have never had this much fun with game dev before! I'm actually making things quickly that before would take weeks to figure out. 🙂

  7. Any Halo fans raise your Assault rifles coz "We gotta a job to do"

  8. Although there wasn’t time to join in the Christmas jam this time around, I did enjoy seeing David play through all of the amazing submissions. 🎄Good work everyone! 👏

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