Irish People Try The Worst Christmas Drinking Games -

Irish People Try The Worst Christmas Drinking Games

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Irish people try some of the worst Christmas drinking games! MERCH MADNESS:
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The Worst Christmas Drinking Games! That’s right, a couple of months ago, we tried some of the worst Halloween drinking games and it was quite the fan favourite so we decided to revisit the idea with Christmas games! Let’s see how our TRYers got on with these silly games!

The Tryers featured in this video:
Martin Angolo:
Seán Connolly:
Ciara O’Doherty:
Dr. Sarina:
Damon Blake:
Dónal Sharpson:

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  1. Ciara & Sarina got a bit ''WHOA! Towards the 12 Days game 😯

  2. OMG! Ciara's reindeer sounds…. Hahahahaha

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ve always been right: you’re either openly scared to fuckin death of Ciera, or you’re a liar

  4. Have you made them drink Connor McGregor's whiskey yet?

  5. Sarina is so beautiful and I love her energy.

  6. "You're going down, bitch!" —Ciara, Try Channel Xmas card slogan, 2021.

  7. We're lucky to be alive. You have your health.

  8. The divider comes down!!! May it never go back up!!

  9. Lol…I started this video and I see Ciara and Dr Sarina setting together and I instantly thought " oh this is going to get fun and lively fast…" You ladies did not let me down… Lol
    Ciara has a demon inside just waiting to come out and play.

  10. 13:07
    Being slightly inebriated, that kris kringle ending was so good it literally broke the 4th trywall (drywall) and everyone lost their shit laughing. Best 45 seconds of my holidays by a wide margin.

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at the Try Channel. Thank You for all the laughs. You might need a good liver cleanse after all of the drinking games. I hear Durian fruit is a good cleanser

  12. Colin sounds like the bass player of Van Halen when he laughs. "Class dismissed!"

  13. Legitimately have love for all of you. This channel is the best. That said, if I were playing with Donal, the third time he cheated I would kick him out his fucking chair. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

  14. I enjoy the channel and have to say that the title was bang on, they were absolutely shite games.

  15. SO HAPPY to not see the divider between you folks anymore!!! So much love!!!!

  16. What's with Martin? He's one of those freaks that celebrate Kwanzaa instead? A fake holiday? Lol

  17. Donal plays a different game than everyone else.

  18. Everyone funny and looking gorgeous as always. Then Martin and Ciara come in looking fucking fabulous as always. Great video guys and Happy Yule and New Year

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! God damn bless this channel. i laugh so fucking hard. love them all

  20. The Christmas song took me out 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Oh sweet Jesus how have I only found this one now. It's freaking amazing!

  22. Five Angry Dermots made me want to like this video multiple times, along with 3 Sharpsons disappointing their parents. Hilarious.

  23. You watch Frosty, Rudolph and then the Gring (orig animated) back to back. Every time Frosty says, "Happy Birthday!", drink. Everytime Rudolph's nose lights up, drink. Every time the Grinch says "Who", drink.

  24. Dr Sarina and Ciara are a whole bunch of fun 🤩

  25. Ciara is an old skool OG when drinking is involved!!! Absolutely love her!!!

  26. Omg, the 12 days of Christmas game had dead!!! So good. So so good.

  27. I would love a fan vote for either a t-shirt of "A Try Video In At Try Tree" OR "5 Angry Dermots"!!! I'll take one of each!!

  28. I don't think I've ever seen Justine appear drunk before, no matter what she drinks, but holy shite it is comic gold when she does!!

  29. Any video with Ciara speaking Irish is an instant favorite. 🙂

  30. I about lost it on the 5th day of Christmas when Ciara started with “my true love gave to me …. Seven .”

  31. I would have loved to see Ciara on the pitch, if shes THIS competitive in a chair, imagine if there was a real prize she would get and people she didn't like playing against her! Her and the good doctor were amazing in this! Also Donal you sly cheeky bastard you!

  32. Omg, Ciara's dress is bringing me back to the late 80s when I was little.

  33. 13:18 Those guys are really good! They need to be in the movie "Lord of the Rings." In case you didn't get the joke, when everyone makes it out alive after a deadly adventure, and when you see Frodo waking up in a soft, clean bed, you gotta do this part. The part is my timestamp.

  34. While my heart beats faster whenever I see Ciara in a Try video, the real throbbing kicks in when Serina appears.
    Both at the same time? Where are my blood pressure pills?!?!? Because I very well might explode.
    Two extremely lovely ladies.

  35. It was a year ago this aired. But you’ve carried the festive fun right into the his 2023. 😁🫶💝 thank for reairing 💝

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