It’s Turbo Time - Card Game - Review & How to Play, Christmas Games -

It’s Turbo Time – Card Game – Review & How to Play, Christmas Games

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – What’s In the Box
0:52 – Setup
2:01 – How to Play
11:37 – Keeping Score
13:18 – Review

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  1. I absolutely love the theming in this game. There is so much attention to the details of the movie. I have to point out though that only the first 2 players that play the highest cards get to take a toy from the shelf. The player who played the lowest numbered card in a 3 player game or the 2 lowest cards in a 4 player game do not get to take from the shelf. It says in a 2 player game both players get to take a toy but the one who played the highest number gets to peak at one toy first. This makes playing a high valued card more important. If you don't play a high enough number you don't get a toy from the shelf. It also makes it preferable to be the last person to play a card to the "trick". But on the other hand it seems the lower valued cards are the ones that allow you to swap toys. So if you wanted to get rid of TubroMan or take a good toy from another player, playing a lower card allows you to do that even though you won't be able to take a toy from the shelf in the next phase.

  2. Now I remember Arnold and the big show in Jingle all the way.

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