Kevin Durant Update, Christmas Games, Detroit Pistons' Offseason -

Kevin Durant Update, Christmas Games, Detroit Pistons’ Offseason

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We dive into the latest on Kevin Durant and the idea that he would refuse to report to the Nets, the NBA’s decisions on Christmas games, and break down the Pistons’ offseason….

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  1. Here we go again with that same old narrative about the players. Kevin Durant and Kyrie is making all the decisions signing the checks/doing the scouting/making the game plan/signing contracts/. So now you going to disrespect the intelligence of NBA players having knowledge of the business aspect of the games. I find this very disrespectful for you to sit up here and say what type of knowledge these players have and you haven't even spoken to them or have any evidence of this comment that you're making. You just like everybody else black professional athletes need to just shut up and dribble the basketball and they don't have any other intelligence or skill set besides the skilled basketball. How about using that same mindset to analyze Steve Nash and Sean March. Also use that same mindset for the owner and their management staff. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving has place the next financial aspect of hiring/cap space//NBA policy/players contracts/NBA ownership investments with partnerships. Etc.. don't forget their responsible for the medical staff in making sure the players healthy. Having a doctor's degree i in making the right decisions with players are injured. Overseeing the training staff to make sure the players are developing physically and mentally.

  2. The nest can have all the talent players they have and still won't win a championship because you don't have a coach or front office to acquire players that fit in a offense or defensive scheme to compete in today's game. The next organization ain't trying to win no championships they just want to make a profit and keep fans in the stands. Sean marks is running a team that is a reflection of the Phoenix Suns. He acquires guards /in foreign players /foreign coaches that don't have a resume or experience working with players in America. They have a medical staff that didn't even give Ben Simmons the complete physical before trade..

  3. I'm ok with KD retiring. Overrated and annoying twitter troll.

  4. ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wennu ich 4 wählen würde

  5. Do these guys not understand the definition of a contract….pretty fucked up imo

  6. In order to bypass his contract he can retire for 1 year, and then sign with whoever he wants, so I think the retirement comment is absolutely real. Retirement is not permanent!!

  7. If not traded , he can sit or retire. Ask John Wall

  8. Durant is ruining his legacy with all of this bs. He's on a good team, with a very good roster in the East, and the Nets gave him everything he wanted. He needs a reality check in life. Basketball is not only fun, it's made him a half a billionaire. Rough life. If the Nets did give Durant and Kyrie all control, that's insane.

  9. Yea don't agree with the schedule but it is what it is

  10. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthhh.Online Brünette und eine anderem Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  11. KD seriously acting like a 12 year old. I wish he would just grow up

  12. Been saying since day one: Kyrie is pulling all the strings, he's making kd do all the dirty work.

  13. Damn my first time seeing the kevin cannon, that was cringe. Otherwise I love the show

  14. Wow he is acting a bit childish! Sad

  15. At this point just retire cause rich white people tend to come together when it comes to saving Face. KD will realize that he’s not bigger than the owners not him nor Lebron nor any all time great player is bigger than the owners bro either play a year and save face or retire and lose all chances of being in the top 10 all times list

  16. I’m tired of hearing so much sniveling from a guy who makes 40 million a year, what a primadonna

  17. Why don't players just show up and just suck like what Harden did? and get paid

  18. Let Nets just allow him to go and start back again is not the end of the world

  19. The Lakers are In danger of becoming the Knicks of the West.

  20. Who cares, Joe Tsai is a billionaire and shouldn't let himself get punked by two of the most immature players ever. Let him retire and kill his legacy even further. Play stupid games and reap stupid consequences.

  21. Pistons fan here, I think the Marvin Bagley contract is the new Jerami Grant contract for the team.

  22. The Nets trouble began after Sean Marks signed KD/Kyrie/Jordan in a package deal. The ramifications of this decision is cataclysmic. It's not going to be an easy quick fix. This fiasco will separate the loyal Nets fans from the pretenders.

  23. do you two predict an nba lockout because of this ben simmons and durant stuff?

  24. Anyone saying this is going to effect his legacy are morons. In 20 or 30 years from now this won't even come up when talking KD legacy. Kobe wanted out of LA, anyone ever bring that up? NOPE. How about when Kobe raped that girl, anyone talk about that? NOPE…. When talking legacy only on court matters, not news articles that will fade into the abyss. Our generation are the only ones that will care.

  25. Its about ratings but Chicago, 3rd largest market in the USA doesn't get a game? Looks like most the Midwest, outside Milwaukee will be watching football on that day

  26. Good video. But I have to give it a thumbs down for the unnecessary Knicks slander.

  27. Am I crazy?!?
    Given the contentious relationship that both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have had with the media, over the years; isn't it at least possible that this whole off season is a joke? I mean, they both openly criticize sports media's 'skewed perspective'.
    Doesn't this whole thing seem like a scheme that Kyrie proposed to Durant?
    The situation perpetually keeps both of their names on the ESPN ticker, tops on mentions for Twitter and headline mainstays. The Nets have continued to make the team around these guys better, while not making any moves toward a break-up. If your the Nets ownership group, why wouldn't you be on board with this, knowing that it's all a prank.
    It just feels wrong for some reason and KD's non-retirement tweet, only reinforces my feeling.

  28. Jerami Grant netted the Pistons Jalen Duren. That's very solid value.

  29. Keith always does a good job of covering the Pistons gotta give it to him

  30. Since your show is called the front office why haven't you done any content on Sean marks and Steve Nash and they're hiring practices/nash inability to coach. The turnover of the coaching staff every year. Mark's hiring players that don't even fit. Challenge the front office on having players sitting on the bench and not being put into the game or not playing the rookies so they can develop. Why is Nash playing Kevin Durant 40-plus minutes along with Kyrie Irving. Why did why would Nash have Kevin Durant playing guard and bringing the ball up in the Boston Celtics series when he got guard sitting on the damn bench and he's getting double and triple team how dumb is that and nobody in the media has brought this up all you guys do is focus on what a player salary is and what they should do so you shouldn't call yourself the front office

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