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Captain Vincent Kompany is back to go head to head with Chappy in a new series of Christmas games. First up is the the family favourite of Kerplunk!

Who will be the victor?

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  1. i dont care if vinny is injury prone, or if he cant contribute to the team.. he always brings a smile on my face whenever i see him with these challenges. acquire him as an entertainer or whatever is chappy. they have great chemistry.

  2. Vinnie needs to calm down, he might end up pulling something.

  3. This comment will probably get no likes 😥
    And it's my birthday so plz sub to me it would make my day

  4. I wish i get a Man City jersey this Christmas.

  5. Someone please tell pep to buy balotelli even he wants to come back.

  6. Wonderful to finally see Chappy once again. Love his sweater.

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