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wut.. are we even playing…

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Outro By:
– Animation

KrpticUnknown – Beat


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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  1. It’s tradition to watch this at least 150 times every year

  2. Cory having nightmares of this every year 💀💀💀

  3. I'm only rewatch in this because Christmas is coming and I have a question WANNT A SPRITE FRINWABYY

  4. image if the whole video was a skit lolz

  5. Nah at the beginning of the video with the skit all I notice was his toes in the middle of it.💀 😂

  6. ITS TIME TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! I got my Sprite Cranberry in hand just came back from target!

  7. Corey kitchen please notice me I have been your biggest fan I love your videos I wanna watch it when I’m eating breakfast dinner and when I’m about to go to sleep and when I wake up it’s so funny

  8. And I even watch your horror games that you play and are usually get jump scared to and after I get a jump scare I laugh

  9. And the part when he punched you it was so funny when you turned your head and your mouth was open and you said I don’t got another one in another boys are usually replay it because it’s so funny

  10. I love when you said it I guess my biggest fear is using the boys style thing because you’re scared if someone comes up to you And hit you in the back of the head it’s so funny

  11. And when you scream at when you said he’s slides towards you and you scream with the slides again

  12. I like the part when he kills you through the window and scream

  13. And I love the part when he say when you say and look at him he’s sliding towards me

  14. It's tradition to watch this every Christmas!

  15. It’s the thirstiest time of the year again. We gotta get a part 2 to this video.

  16. I like what you said don’t say in the comments or something that I scream like Tom and Jerry

  17. Cory Kenshin my foot is broken 💔 but I do like it have subscribed to you Cory Kenshin love asia 😔😨🤕

  18. This video is the best I watched it when it came out and I watch it so much to this day

  19. I just came back to this vid cuz I remembered it when someone commented this on a TikTok I did not know this was his most viewed vid

  20. I saw a sprite cranberry ad and now I am here.

  21. Guys markiplier played this and it was hilarious


  23. This made me roll on the floor laughing until I herd knocking on my door 😬

  24. I come back to this video every year near Christmas😭

  25. This was actually the first video I ever watched on his channel. Memories

  26. ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN!!! This better get to 1mil by the end of this year

  27. My favorite three pointer guy is resource book and my favorite dunker is LeBron James

  28. My favorite team in NBA is the Warriors

  29. How does he make a horror video funny 😭😭😫😫

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