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LGR – Daze Before Christmas – SNES Game Review

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LGR Christmas Game Month continues! While not the easiest game to find due to its limited distribution, Daze Before Christmas is actually a pretty decent side-scrolling platformer. Become Anti-Claus to help Santa Claus retrieve his stolen loot!


  1. Any relation to the Funcom that made Anarchy Online?

  2. Thanks a lot. That really makes my Christmas!

    In the meantime, I'm going to scour your channel for review vids I haven't seen in a long time.

    Hey a guy's gotta do *something* to kill some time, know what I'm saying?

  3. LMAO!!! dude! your shortened version of the back story is just awesome lol!! "you're Santa, your santa crap has been stolen by an evil snowman, a pocket watch, a giant mouse and a… storm cloud"

  4. A slight amendment, A Daze Before Christmas was not the only Mega Drive Game to be released exclusively in Australia.
    The other one was Ecco Jr. Although it's offcourse readily available as a Genesis release.
    Love your stuff by the way, especially your odd/harware reviews – keep'em comming!
    Snowy X-mas greetings from Sweden!

  5. That's what I meant by exclusive though: it was only ever made for the Australian Mega Drive. As you said, Ecco Jr was also on the Genesis, meaning it's not exclusive in the same way Daze is 🙂

  6. by the way am i the only one who doesn't play old games just for nostalgic reasons (hell i had not even heard about commodore 64 and i hardly knew what was nes or snes before i saw youtube review of them and bought them this year) but because most old games are simply better than new games?

  7. Hey LazyGamer! This video never showed up in my sub-box. I have no idea why, just wanted to let you know.

  8. No, I'm with you. I actually started playing retro because I couldn't afford new games, but even when I could get triple-A titles I kept going back to old games more often.

  9. Yeah but you can fix that by clicking "My subscriptions". The problem is, this video didn't even show up there.

  10. The SNES PAL version is $308.92 on Ebay right now if you're crazy enough to want it. The Sega one is going for a more reasonable $49. Or if you just want the SNES box and manual, it can be had for $32.50. Man all those prices are just absurd.

  11. The 58th hottest sci-fi chick of all time just did a Flog of this game. Did she see your review and think it was totally awesome? I think so.
    You totally have a shot, dude!
    Anyway, thought you might like to know about it. Please keep them coming.

  12. Nope, I play old games for the same reason

  13. i used to play this as a kid on my old computer we had this emulator that had dozens of games from all kinds of consoles which had this game.wish i knew the name of that emulator the computer we had it on was stolen years ago :/

  14. no i dont think so it was mostly sega genesis and saturn games and maybe some more consoles it was either the late 90's or early 2000's i wish i knew more

  15. Your voice is amazing and i love your reviews. Keep it up man!

  16. I like this game I love all platformers. this one is more for the collectors.

  17. Great game imo.

    LGR, You really need to do James Pond 2: Robocod this year. There are numerous ports you can cover and it's 100% Christmas themed.

  18. At least this is better than Telegame's Santa Claus Saves the Earth, which was also released (Which it wasn't) For the GBA

  19. run around, smashing everything with your sack. Ahem.

  20. "Running around, smashing things with your sack!"

  21. DID SOMEONE SAY "CLAYFIGHTER"? [please review the games!]

  22. Taz Mania was a lot like that when you get to the Jungle Levels. Tons of bottomless pits.

  23. Got this game with a megadrive and 6 other games at my primary school fair for like $7 15 years ago. just found it today in a draw and put the whole thing up on trademe for a dollar reserve and someone already offered me $80 for just this game. Score!

  24. looks at genesis version in collection …. goes to Ebay

  25. Not exactly a Christmas game… BUT… Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday.

    I would love to see your review of that one. It was a bizarre Christmas tradition for me for years and I think it was rather good. I may only think that due to sentimental value but it's still one of my favorite SNES titles. I may be a bit strange.

  26. Why the frick do i keep watching the Christmas LGR episodes when it's getting warmer?

  27. One would think dropping presents down smoke-spewing chimneys would be a… bad decision.

  28. round this time of yeah i always check out Christmas themed videos from youtubers I enjoy. sorta gets me in the mood. I was thinking ya might be runnin out of Christmas themed games to do for December, not sure if you have checked in a while but there are some great Christmas themed mods for skyrim. visual changes, quest lines (santaism) town décor overhauls and some other cool stuff, think it be cool to see you reaction of some of them. I actually start a new skyrim game every November with Christmas themed mods. just to tune out at the end of the day, sit in the dark and soak up the visuals. pretty cool lil tradition I guess

  29. That game is old as hell, Vato! Whatever you say! Bullshit!

  30. "I am composed of only one human being and a single personality"


  31. Can't believe these guys went on to make the Age of Conan and Conan Exiles games.

  32. This game is a lot like Mr. Nutz its only expensive cause of how few were made not because its a great game. Cute graphics however.

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