Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | NBA Christmas 2023 | FreeDawkins - christmas-games.info

Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | NBA Christmas 2023 | FreeDawkins

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  1. La ไม่มีอะไรมาก นอกจากข่าว Trade – trade – trade จนนักกีฬาเสียขวัญ คนในทีมหมดกำลังใจ ทีมไม่เสถียรสักที

  2. love it how the refs never call travel, ball carrying on the fakers. consistent officiating. well done

  3. russel, some defense pls for god sake. you are just standing and fouling.

  4. Celtics are a great scoring team but my lakers displayed their defense ability and how they can stay in the game especially being down 20+ points after the 1st qtr

  5. At least Bronze didn't walk to the locker room with time left so there's that.

  6. vando looked so lost! no energy, slacking.

  7. Boston has too much fire power in the regular season. Their interior defense will be their Achilles heal in the play offs when the game slows down and its more of a half court game

  8. Lakers just need 2 guys that can consistently make 3s. Also, they need to stop beginning games with low intensity. COME ON COACH use a time out when you see them sleep walking in the opening minutes to snap them out of that crap!. You just set and watch them until they're down by 12 or 20 point and then you call a timeout. SMH

  9. Chance is veeeery little but wish LeBron one more ring before retirement.

  10. The Lakers are Not going anywhere with the group of guys that they have

  11. AD once again carrying Lebron but no one wants to talk about that

  12. 4 or 5 games, the lakers will only win 1 or 2 games. Sorry to say that they may not step in the playoff. Why? Lakers team is very very inconsistent team right now

  13. It was a competitive game until the 4th quarter.
    After that, Celtics domination.
    Porziņģis was huge for them.

  14. Lmao lakers got a free run to the in season tournament playing vs B+ teams no way they will even see a ring this year

  15. It's MJ, Kobe, Kareem for me. Can't put LeBron in that conversation.

  16. The goat and JT always show respect for each other from day one

  17. Lakers are Le screwed.
    Old and slow ain't going to even make the playoffs.
    Le Ego maniac can't back up his trash talk.
    It is over.
    Lakers huge payroll and no wins.

  18. Labron James is selfish he don't won't to sit down and give the younger players a chance to shine 😮 and Darvin Ham doesn't know how to rotate the roaster Jennie Buss where are you 😢 team has gone down 👇 and definitely going home 🏡

  19. most of the time. Lebron just stand at the corner and watch. No DENFENSE or whatsoever.

  20. Lakers mind set is still in Las Vegas 😮😢 they cant forcus on the regular season games 😮

  21. Maybe Labron James will stop shooting ice in his veins after scoring only 16 points 😮😢 he doesn't need to start for real 😞 he tired all the time

  22. Lakers have no defense at all 😮 can't beat the tougher teams so sad 😢

  23. AD definitely needs to stop shooting ice in his veins 😮 especially when the Lakers lose😢

  24. Maaaaan ilove the Lakers but damnnnnnnnn… Celtics is wild sooon

  25. Look how lazy is that stupid Bron on defense lol

  26. Hams rotations have been terrible! The team is completely lost

  27. Hahhaa talo pala team aplaya dito…..Wala nga nagwa itong Boston s gsw hahahha😊

  28. Every Celtics basket was soooo satisfying

  29. Amazing how happy he is when he loses and plays like that. Jordan would never.

  30. So good game. So good to see Porzingis in his troo element. Also I never get tired of watching Lebron's unselfish game.

  31. Jayson Tatum nickname should be: The Long Jay, and Jaylen Brown nickname should be: The Strong Jay.

  32. Lebrons defense is pathetic 😂 go look at jordan at 38-40 play defense.. guy went all out

  33. Jru Holiday been an amazing signing for celtics

  34. Talking history ,Forever winners kkkk

  35. theres your goat with 16 points
    and nobody is talking about Davis with 40. If Davis scored 16 they will say trade Davis. How bout trade Lebron, cause he is a big burden to the lakers.

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