Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | Dec 25 | 2023 NBA Christmas -

Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | Dec 25 | 2023 NBA Christmas

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  1. I'm glad the Grizzlies got humbled, but how is that not a foul 4:32 😂

    Refs still in the Warriors pocket I see..

  2. If ja is better than MJ, then curry is better than Jesus.

  3. For some reason Memphis have these lapses in some games where they just decide they aren’t gonna play good defense

  4. grizzlies played trash but those refs definitely in the warriors' pocket

  5. Warriors still owned top team Boston in the East and top team Grizzles in the West…LOL

  6. the grizzles would of probably taken the L, but come on man the refs today were shocking, draymond literally was jumping into shooters and holding their hands and they don't get the AND1, then the next play jordan poole gets a AND1 from someone swiping his hand from behind slightly…. even the whole Memphis bench got up telling the ref whos standing literally right next to the play and he just shakes his head. smh like if grizzles lose cool but call the fouls and be fair don't be doing this BS

  7. Woohoo Griz dynasty! 3 times knocked out of playoffs in 3 years.

  8. Grizzlies are not contenders, just pretenders… if Ja can't even beat Warriors bench, "washed Draymond" and Klay after all his injuries… bruh

  9. Last 2 season GSW vs memphis..always be personal

  10. I don't understand what to make of the warriors this season 🤣🤣

  11. Custa jogar todos jogos com essa intensidade?

  12. Great game from warriors without Steph💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Let’s goo Dubs nation💥💥💥

  13. Warriors hardly always try to choose best option on plays.
    Great team!! 👏👏
    Players have a big capacity for analyze basketball on of ways more intelligent.

  14. Prestações tranquilas
    Jogo natalino importante

  15. Morant: na im good at the west
    Curry : 💤

  16. Green and Wiseman already got the news of their trade… just staying there there… Poole becoming more and more a focal point.

  17. Ja Morant talks A LOT OF SMACK but doesn’t BACKED UP!!!! He really needs to keep HIS MOUTH SHUT 🤐 and just play BASKETBALL 🏀 worst lost of the Season for a COCKY Memphis Grizzlies Team!!!!

  18. Watch Draymond get traded to the Wizards and average 2ppg, 4rpg 4apg… Really legendary. Replace him with any PF and Golden State still get 4 rings. Overrated donkey.

  19. Fuck ja Morant and brook they ain't shit.they never won nothing but all the time they been talking shit.fuck all this rookies

  20. NBA is so rigged and i enjoy it less from game to game

  21. Morant months before the game: 💪🏽😤
    Morant after the game: 👶🏽

  22. Kerr must use Ty Jerome, Lamb and Divenzo more even if Wiggins and Curry comes back in the rotation. He should at least give this dudes 15-20 minutes each game so they can develop their confidence playin with the core. They are good players as evident in the way they played in this game. They are good offensive players, better than GP2 in offense. Lamb is a good two way player, and Dante is a good 2 way player as well, with an excellent IQ . Ty Jerome is a good outside shooter, and sjhould deserve more playing ime after this game. Kuminga nd Wiseman are useless BUSTS. They should be traded for experienced players who are championship ready that can compliment the warriors core. Also, Poole played well but twas stupid and silly of him to get ejected knowing very well that Curry is oit, and the team needs him. He should develop more maturity in his game, you cant afford to do this istakes in the playoffs. Green is excellent, they should extend him or else, they will loose their heart and soul. Green held the team together in this game by his presence on the court. Klay stepped up when he was needed. And Looney was solid as always.

  23. I wonder if Draymond invited Ja over for dinner after like he said he would in JJ show lol.

  24. GSW CHAMP 2022-2023🏆
    GO worriors GO🤙😎

    Ja’s “Whoop that thrip” 😅😅😅

  25. No Steph. No Wiggins. Warriors: "No Problem!"

  26. I'll put this in swahili….. Ja n his squad wakasikilie vibaya nahuko…. Puni ass lambistic shit!!!!!

  27. Pretty sad grizzlies wasn’t getting no calls and same time ja only showed up and the bench was playing ass they beat they self being to cocky

  28. Warriors 3s % carried by DiVincenzo, Lamb, Jerome. Glad Poole drove.
    Great assists and Rebounds by Greene.
    Thompson strong on boards, inefficient offense.
    Grizzlies were cold on 3s, Brooks and Bane really off. Ja wasted time on 3s, great driving.

  29. I didn’t see any post interview with Grizzlies team posted on youtube!!WOW, they have no courage to face the camera; they got beaten so bad by GSW…LOL ✌️🙌💪Go Warriors

  30. จตุรภัทร รักสนิทสกุล says:

    I really like it.

  31. Nah its the thumbnail for me 🤣😂😂😭

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