Merry Christmas games in tongitsGo -

Merry Christmas games in tongitsGo

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Collect 4 Christmas tree to get Christmas present mega win in tongitsgo Santa Claus will giving a lot of Rewards of goldstar and don’t forget to visit tongit’s go on December 23, to Get 250,000 of Goldstar.and I will show how to claim the GIFT CODE and the gift code have a 100 Diamond and Watch until End to get the gift code.So what are you waiting for? Download now! YOu can download this game through this link to my comment area Thank you


  1. Merry Christmas Bhe
    Galing Naman yan
    Games mo

  2. Fully support from the one and only God bless lalabs empire

  3. GAling nmn po nyan eto na po Full pack ko po para sau, Tangalin mu lang ung "Support" dto sa pangalan ko un n ung BAhay ko din po 12

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