Merry Christmas Games -

Merry Christmas Games

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Outro Song –
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  1. Ken you suck at that alpaca one, What the heck! I mean come on! It's easy you idiot!

  2. Thanks ken it's my birthday today, but contrary to popular belief I still get two presents😄 merry Christmas!

  3. My parents bday are on Christmas and Christmas Eve

  4. Ken you look awsome with Christmas bulbs on your beard.You look like a christmas tree I love it

  5. His b b beard it's so b b beautiful I want to touch it :3

  6. Ur battle .net look different from mine 1 have 1 extra thing

  7. i like that his one beard ornament is the same color as the backdrop and "greenscreens" 

  8. Love the beard! Merry Xmas Ken & Mary! <3

  9. If a game has a death counter you are going to have a bad time.

  10. SOO funny danish in the start off the video

  11. today is my birthday and i get gifts for birthday and for christmas 😀

  12. I love the decorations in your beard :3

  13. Its Dansih in the beginning the are saying "I hate people with long hair and beards" and "Its not true, No matter what they sayd I've been doing with rudolf" 🙂
    And when santa won he said "Christmas is victorious"

  14. Omg ken once again I'm dying from glee seeing u with those in ur beard 😱 idk if its because u saw my suggestion on twitter or if you saw it any other way but I'm the happiest fan ever. 😭

  15. Can anyne else see Trans-Siberian Orchestra playing while Ken plays Christmas Alpaca Adventure?

  16. Does he have ordements on his beard

  17. Merry Christmas, Ken!!! I wish you luck next year and hope that you and Mary can keep making hilarious videos. <3 luv u Ken!

  18. I can understand it because it's danish, and I'm Dane ^^

  19. "No one touches the Messiah!" Well…if you read in the New Testament, people did.  But probably not with swords. XD

  20. Wow I feel so stupid. It took me a moment to realize you had ornaments hanging on your beard. Haha! Nice, Ken. 🙂

  21. Am I the only one who noticed the second game is playing The Jingle Bell Rock?

  22. Christmas is a miracle to all of us>>>………….:> 

  23. Watching in july cuz I cant bucking wait any longer

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