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Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas DVD Games & Activities

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Here we have some fun games to play in this Christmassy DVD starring Mickey and his pals. Oh and Santa speaks in all three games here.


  1. Taken the nightmare before Christmas DVD game

  2. The wrong answer sounds always make me laugh. 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I'm italian and i don't know why, but despite the dvd and everything being in italian, all these games were in english (or maybe only the third game was in italian and the other two in english? I don't remember very well😅, it's been a long time) so i always got to play the first game in english, randomly guessing the answers (i didn't know english very well at the time), then i found out that i had to go in the language section and press on italian, so that all the games were in italian, anyway, very good games😉👍

  4. It Now plays Minuet In G (Baby Beethoven) On UK Games & Activities Menu

  5. Have you ever played Burnout dominator on ps2 it's pretty fun racing game

  6. Burnout 3 huh good game but haven't you forgot my video I made for your Birthday at least

  7. I have this movie but the picture of the disc is crazy frog arcade racer without PlayStation 2 or PC logo

  8. give the wrong answers in another video

  9. Can you upload guess what Donald is singing game?

  10. I remember getting as far as the screen that asks you if you want to play… and no farther, because it would crash my DVD player. Glad someone has it on here!

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