MORE SHITTY CHRISTMAS GAMES ★ Worst Christmas Games Ever - Funny Moments -

MORE SHITTY CHRISTMAS GAMES ★ Worst Christmas Games Ever – Funny Moments

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  1. XenkailX The Generic Vtuber Done Dirt Cheap says:

    No wonder I got a lot of pancakes under my Christmas tree every year. 

  2. What is the game on the thumbnail called

  3. Lol naken people in game for little kids idk who is the most perv the kiss or the creatores

  4. Was that a meet an f**k gsme if do naughty weasel

  5. It's called worst as in you worst at likening Christmas

  6. That look on your face when you opened up the… Adult… Game 😛 
    First: The look of complete disinterest mixed with a small smile disappeared. Then, the look of 'trying to process this' made an appearance. Then you opened your eyes wide in horror, and slowly backed away 😛

  7. Lmafo nice video and really fun XD but you to play the game you block with the black box XD

  8. It's better for all to don't play these games anymore xD

  9. How about an Alien Isolation walkthrough? Good few jump scares there.

  10. I admit, on at least one very frustrated occasion I had the opposite experience, went through shitty games while trying to find the erotic ones. Well I may have only just got the internet at the time. Don't judge me!


  12. Could you do "Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage"? :3 (and the other one)

  13. Im so late i just watched this today *sigh

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