My Viewers Turned A Scary Christmas Game Into A Comedy! | Crimson Snow -

My Viewers Turned A Scary Christmas Game Into A Comedy! | Crimson Snow

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This Christmas horror game is called “Crimson Snow”! My viewers play alerts with perfect timing to try and make me laugh!



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  1. Merry Late Christmas and Happy Late New Years!!!!

  2. she scared my soul out of me 💀💀☠☠

  3. omg my cousin says "I can smell you" 🤣🤣😭😭

  4. Yo na mas comentando para etiquetar en el minuto que me quede XD 46:49 para continuar viendolo despues porque no se me guarda e Youtube el proceso


  6. Go to the time 5:31 and put it in 2times speed it's so funny

  7. 44:35 i almost backflipped my soul to heaven
    edit: i got 4 likes yay

  8. Let's date a possessive psychopath; what could go wrong?

  9. HALLOWEEN: plays
    me watching this for the first time: "wrong holiday"
    Bush at he same time: "wrong holiday"

  10. Ladad ladda Ladd lad lada take a look at my girlfr-AJHHHHHHH

  11. ✨🎶"oh the weather outside is weather "🎶✨

  12. I finally found a mango popsicle but the california girls melted it 🙁

  13. hey bush i just wanna say wal i was watching my dads trucks panic goes off LOL

  14. That first big jump scare, scared me so bad my ear started ringing 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  15. 10:59 i had headphones on and thought that the giggle was in real life

  16. Hey, hey, listen- NOOT NOOT NOOT NOOT NÓÓÓÓÓÓÓT NOOT!! i meant the music in the game

  17. Listen to the screams and sounds of children suffering todays christmas

  18. Nobody:
    Bush at the time 30:25: "I'm a professional ghost buster and I'm about to bust"💀

  19. At 44:37 I got jumpscared so bad my phone fell over and turned off that was the worst Jumpscare I ever had in my life and my life mainly been horror Fandoms😰

  20. Girl literally said, "I fell for you.." when she get clapped at the end 😂😂

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