NBA Today reacts to NOTABLE national TV games from schedule release 🗓 🍿 -

NBA Today reacts to NOTABLE national TV games from schedule release 🗓 🍿

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The NBA Today panel discuss the NBA schedule release and the most notable games they are keeping an eye on.

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  1. Perks right but what about the Raps playoff team plus more bout time they respect the WETHENORTH

  2. The lights hit the ice KP they playing hockey lol

  3. Was cheney huffing super hard every sentence or was it just me.

  4. Jalen needs to chill with the hair spray.

  5. My Lakers are about to get cooked by Luka 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. We get to hear “Baaaaaang” from Mike Breen. ….and “Momma there goes that man” from Mark Jackson💯

  7. oh man perk saying whatever he wants again for attention

  8. What's your reaction to seeing Ja's Tweet? Thats what we coming up with in 2022

  9. Christmas Games should be Top 10 teams record wise last season….. KNICKS? lmaooo

  10. I’ve been hearing almost every year since the Lob City era that it’s the Clippers year can we give it up already

  11. Always love Perk giving my Wolves and Ant props… that said, I'm more passed I can't watch Wolves game on any streaming service (but cable)… not Hulu, YouTubeTV or Sling… made me get a VPN and NBA League pass just to watch Wolves games…

    I don't normally haggle about "National TV games"… love it for the players, but it ain't making no difference for me…

  12. As a Timberwolves fan thankyou Perk. Lets Go Wolves

  13. Giannis dropping 60 against Boston on Christmas Day

  14. Jalen Rose black hair dye be strong SF. Perk too. They need to get a lighter color, so it won't look so obvious

  15. First triple header on broadcast television since 2002 on NBC.

  16. 2,460 games a season …not counting playoffs …and only 100 on tv 🤦🏼‍♂️ I never realized how greedy the nba is until I just did that math 🤷‍♂️

  17. embiid and Giannis…Africa? one is French and the other Greek. how is that Africa?

  18. This woman needs to slow down..spitting faster then the micro machine guy and taking loud deep breaths

  19. Perkins: “You Gotta Earn National TV Games”

    Knicks with National games: 😐

  20. You have to earn televised games???? Explain the knicks?

  21. I can't comprehend why Knicks are playing on Christmas day and Clippers are not

  22. They all forget kawhi PG and the clippers

  23. "embid vs giannis Africa will square off" oh god US education failed her greece in europe 😂

  24. Why do the lakers have so many games they trash

  25. The bulls are disrespected by this league so much it’s ridiculous

  26. Bro stop pushing this khris middleton narrative Boston literally beat them with a way less developed roster

  27. can't wait for 95% of prime time games to have no stars playing and are resting

  28. With all those back-to-back games and 3 games in 4 nights, you can expect a lot of injuries to key players again this season.

  29. The bay got the most games up there 😉 🌉 We got more game than all these other major cities too.

  30. And the Miami heat’s disrespect continues

  31. The number 1 team in the East should’ve got a Christmas game but national television corny

  32. Should of been
    Sixers vs raptors (mini rivalry)
    Mavs vs clippers definitely a rivalry
    Boston vs bucks can stay but wouldn’t be mad if it was heat or nets instead (rematch game)
    Warriors vs grizzles y’all already know why
    Suns vs pels

  33. It seems ESPN is no longer concerned about inclusiveness once it's all African American running the show. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  34. Miami deserves Christmas Day games. We have the best winning percentage in those games. and been in the conference finals/finals 2 of the last 3 years.

  35. "And as for the television's so-called plan.." 🤣🤣 -Joker from "The Dark Knight" to Perk who's right where hw belongs

  36. I think that we are all forgetting how dangerous(more) the Celtics are going to be next year. Their defence will become more tighter than it already was and they have now their ball handler who can give you 20+ points on any given night 🙆‍♂️

  37. They should pay the teams a slightly higher % for National televised games.
    The teams who win, get the majority of the pot.

    I think this will make teams and players fight to be more competitive, so they can get on TV.

    It’s not the old school, these guys are motivated by money.

  38. About to say something that might trigger Jalen Rose and million of ppl…Mount Rushmore 😳😳

  39. I get the whole new york xmas vibes, but the Knicks haven't earned Christmas games….should be replacing them with the twolves or hawks.

  40. Perk lying like crazy. He said that TV games are earned yet the knicks get them almost every year 🤣😂🖕🏾

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