NBA Today reacts to NOTABLE national TV games from schedule release 🗓 🍿 -

NBA Today reacts to NOTABLE national TV games from schedule release 🗓 🍿

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The NBA Today panel discuss the NBA schedule release and the most notable games they are keeping an eye on.

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  1. Why are the Knicks playing on Christmas? How have they earned that? Should of been Miami.

  2. I can't wait for the Celtics vs Warriors, Celtics vs Bucks, Grizzlies vs Warriors and Lakers vs Celtics

  3. Jumping out the window on Anthony Edwards…he hasn't shown he wants to be a #1 player just yet…be an allstar, be all NBA…crack top 15 top 10

  4. The Saturday night primetime games are the best

  5. should’ve gave us a wolves an clippers match up could have some good potential

  6. 2:55 ummm Lakers didnt get in the playoffs the Pelicans did yet they have no national televised games

  7. Why are the Knicks playing Christmas Day?


    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!

  9. Christmas Day games should have been (Celtics warriors) (suns pelicans) (clippers nuggets) (bucks heat) (76ers hawks)

  10. Perks getting worked up for Trea Young absence? That’s a weird take

  11. My girl sound like a Grizzly everytime she takes a breath. I love her though.

  12. I’m not sure why the Suns are not playing the warriors or mavericks because that’s what we want to see

  13. New York do not deserve to play on Christmas Day. So stop it. put Chicago bulls against Philadelphia 76ers that’s a good game to wait.

  14. Let me dive into this man real quick. AYO

  15. Perc be sounding so dumb sometimes lol.. say most disrespectful lol. Miami deserve to play on that day before the hawks or wolves

  16. I guess they forgot to put ESPN and ABC in the title

  17. Big Perk… I'll watch Minnesota T-Wolves Vs. Atlanta Hawks on Christmas Eve… We need NBA games Christmas Eve and day… Also New Year's Eve 😉

  18. nope Perk.. it’s not Anthony Edwards who’s gonna have a break out season bro.. it’s either the Warriors Jonathan Kuminga or the Rockets Jalen Green! ✌🏼

  19. Boston, LA, and New York will always get the most TV games for obvious reasons but it’s strange Atlanta gets no love even though it’s a big media market with a young superstar.

  20. Cmon now should've been Suns VS Mavs, that would be intense lol

  21. Appreciate perk for always fighting for the hawks respect 🫡

  22. Perk saying they need to eat being on national TV games yet the lakers have 2 games and the pelicans 0

  23. West probably gone be more entertaining to watch than the east this year. They should've had suns vs mavericks on Christmas day that would've been a better match up but the Memphis vs warriors is the match up of the day.

  24. "You have to earn national television games".

    New York Knicks: "right…"

  25. Heat should be on Christmas that’s mess up

  26. Celtics going 74-8 if it’s back to 82 game schedule

  27. I don’t agree with perk on most things but he’s so much better than Chinay holy moly

  28. I wish this beautiful African woman didn't have loads of makeup on . Her face is literally a different complexion from the rest of her body.

    Also….the Xmas games are trash outside of MIL/BOS n GSW/MEM

  29. Kendrick Perkins: You gotta earn your national tv games!
    16 games for the lakers…

  30. Please adjust her mic. That raspy inhale every 2 words is not it.

  31. "You have to earn national television games".

    Unless you're the Raptors….

  32. I guess the Miami Heat don't earn National Televised games. Interesting!!!

  33. Does the Miami Heat even exist? Major disrespect smh

  34. I’m confused the Knicks earned a Christmas Day game?

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