NBA's Christmas Day 2019 games revealed | The Jump -

NBA’s Christmas Day 2019 games revealed | The Jump

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the LA Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers highlight 2019’s slate of NBA Christmas Day games. Other games include the Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets vs. New Orleans Pelicans, and the final matchup is the Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors.
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  1. These idiots dont know shit anyone could do there job

  2. ZouZou pas là pour être con plaisant says:

    Away/home 5/0 for road team

  3. The west is looking crazy af. So many teams looking to prove something. But don’t forget the east 👀

  4. Clippers at Lakers or Lakers at clippers ??
    Does that matter both will be Lakers home games. Lakers play like 2 more home games than all other teams like every year. That’s unfair!!!

  5. James and kawhi will not take part in that game due to injuries.

  6. I would rather have Trail Blazers and nuggets

  7. I'ma be looking forward to the Christmas Day games, just like I do every year.


  9. Am I the only one who thinks Nuggets at Blazers would be sooooo much better?

  10. 60% of my wishes did come true…

    Although I thought Blazers vs. Nuggets and Nets vs. Celtics would be better.

    Nevertheless a good christmas slate where there are no Knicks

  11. Nasty birch ramona wants to control narritives

  12. I can't wait to watch that Rockets at Warriors and Clippers at Lakers game.

  13. Raps never get any respect, no matter what smh. Would've liked to see Raps vs. Sixers.

  14. First thing the LA guy wants is no Raptors. What a shock.

  15. I have a feeling Raptors are gonna be sporting the best record in the East by Christmas even without Kawhi. Something closer to 17-5 X 2 if you know what I mean. Ananoby is gonna ball at the 3 in place of Kawhi and Siakam will be recognized as a 2 way league superstar this season.

  16. Should've been…

    Celtics vs. Nets
    Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets

  17. They missed this opportunity klay injured, kd injured, Steph vs kyrie crossover masterpiece😔🤩🤩🤩💯💀💯🤷🏽‍♂️😂 two teams who might be struggling by Christmas put in a head to head in the new chase center

  18. Clippers Vs Lakers
    Bucks Vs 76Ers
    Rockets Vs Blazers
    Warriors Vs Jazz
    Raptors Vs Nets

    Would’ve been a better Christmas Day line-up to me.
    The current Christmas Day lineup is vapid to me.

  19. I swear I get triggered at everything Ramona says

  20. There Are Only Three Games Everyone Will Be Tuned Into…I Do Not Need To List Them Since It Should Be Really Obvious!

  21. fuck yeah, the raptors finally get a Christmas game

  22. trailblazers vs rockets would have been good
    nets vs heat/celtics
    kings vs pelicans or mavs vs kings/pelicans/hawks

  23. I Surprisingly Like These Games EXCEPT Celtics VS Raptors But it’s only Right they get one for being the Champs

  24. The jump is lacking internet speed I mean youtubers taking nba they have more reliable sources

  25. Nobody cares about the nuggets & Raptors lol shouldce been Zion at MSG & Kyrie at Boston

  26. Putting the Pelicans in a Xmas day game is such bullshit. Yes, we know you want to prop up Zion as the new face of the NBA as LeBron fades away, but jesus christ this is bullshit. The Jazz should obviously be playing the Nuggets instead. There is a good chance the jazz win the most games in the league this upcoming season and it's complete disrespect to them not playing on Xmas day.

  27. Rockets Warriors is just a another game.. yeah right..fuck boy

  28. Clippers Raptors in Toronto woulda been really cool too!!

  29. raptors gonna win 50+ games and go to the conference finals

  30. Nets should def be playing not the Raptors

  31. God I’m so tired of watching King K Rool and 2 nerds debate on “The Jump.” Please for the love of god bring back the cast.

  32. It’s a “tough decision” to have the raptors play on Christmas? The team that has won over 50 games for 5 straight seasons and just won the championship? And people wonder why the raptors fan base feels like a second class team… when you have shows like this that openly acknowledge that they don’t care about one of the best run teams in one of the biggest markets.

  33. Lol 2 Blowouts….Nuggets 30 point win against the Pels and Celtics vs Raptors too…

  34. Rockets and warriors dont have a plot? Warriors keep beating the rockets in the playoffs and now they got Westbrook and think they are over the hump only to still keep losing lol seems like a good plot to me plus the best 2 backcourts in the nba

  35. How tf do you not like those matchups. That's beyond retarded

  36. Christmas day games are pretty much LeBron's team vs the team projected to be the best in the league

  37. I would say better game would be Celtics vs nets

  38. Media complains about Raptors having a game but not the Lakers or pelicans 🤣😂🤣😂 these people literally only see clout

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