NFL Christmas Games To Look Forward To… -

NFL Christmas Games To Look Forward To…

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  1. Cant wait 7 more weeks until the day and 5 more until decorating time!

  2. POV this is your favorite football YouTube

  3. yessir im actually going to that bears game me and my family always go to a bears game every winter when we're in chicago

  4. Christmas games at Green Bay are always lit 😩

  5. Bro istg thanksgiving gets no love. Ppl jump straight to Christmas when Halloween is over 🙁

  6. Man great editing my fav YouTuber can’t wait to see these games!

  7. Hopefully the browns win on Christmas I don't want to spend Christmas depressed

  8. The best part about the bears game, it’s in Chicago, so it’s possible we get some snow.

  9. Vikings vs bear finna be a blow out ez w for Vikings 😎

  10. there’s just something about christmas that hits different

  11. Can you show us your highlights if you have them?

  12. What happened to the cowboys beating the patriots loss 🤔

  13. Used to live near Chicago for most of my life it gets hyped during Christmas

  14. Man i can't believe that it's this this of year already

  15. If the saints played again Alvin woulda had a 300 yard, 7 tuddy game

  16. Bruh this guy gives the colts zero respect

  17. Does he know that diggs doesn’t play for the viqueens

  18. we still in it baby!! Skol Vikings! Captain Kirk!

  19. Me who was kind of expecting Rams vs Vikings on 26th despite it being 1 day after Xmas:

  20. Lol schooly you upload so much it can’t get in my notifications because YouTube will only allow one a day keep it up

  21. Let’s gooo my brownies gonna win on Christmas day

  22. So we gonna forget about the best team in the league playing the colts on Christmas Day?

  23. If there was a perfect Christmas game for Washington (if there team was at full potential) would be vs Cowboys I’d like to see full potential Washington vs cowboys

  24. who the hell wants to see the bears play? Watching Justin Fields attempting a deep ball is torture.

  25. What about pats vs colts ik this was made a while ago

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