NFL Christmas Games To Look Forward To… -

NFL Christmas Games To Look Forward To…

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  1. Vikings vs bears is gonna be so sick because I’m a bears fan

  2. Yes sir schooly fire can’t wait intill one mill

  3. The Steelers play the Chiefs on Christmas day!

  4. I was gonna do a vid on this but now if I do it it will look like I copied you🤣

  5. Thank god all of the games are outside. Imma hope for snow this Christmas up north.

  6. Schooly you should make a short of players talking smack but then getting destroyed

  7. as a packers fan, i must say I will either have a good Christmas or a bad Christmas. No in betweens

  8. if you’re wondering how i’m gonna spend my christmas week…..

  9. I can see the snow already keep the Christmas vibes going I like it

  10. Hey Schooly love the videos what do you use to make them?

  11. I can’t wait for the browns packers game.

    Bc im going to a game for the first time in forever

  12. i live 5 minutes away from soldier field so its gonna be lit

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