NFL Greatest Christmas Games Of All-Time… -

NFL Greatest Christmas Games Of All-Time…

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  1. You’re just mad the cowboys beat the patriots after you guys got bailed out so many times in that game 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  2. I like you u put cowgirls because im a niner fan

  3. What about the browns first and only win of their 2017 year

  4. Hahahahh I love it how u put cowgirls 😭🤣 I’m dying hahah

  5. Why u call cowboys cowgirls. Unsubscribing now

  6. YES, as an eagles fan I am happy they r the cowgirls

  7. Can’t watch u anymore it is cowboys 6-1 losses to Tampa pretty gosh darn good record if I don’t say so my self what at the chiefs 💩

  8. What about the saints vs Vikings 2020p Alvin kamara rushings for 6 yd

  9. Schooly, i think you should put a thanksgiving profile then christmas. But i guess you can say, we all love nfl christmas

  10. ☀︎the big one the tcotgw god☀︎ says:

    No engwin badriots

  11. Band really had to do the Cowboys like that

  12. Don’t disrespect my cowboys like that, we beat the pats this year.

  13. You mean the bears actually beat the packers?!

  14. This cuh really just put the cowboys as FrIkInG cOwGiRlS

  15. You could include the saints vikings because kamara

  16. Forgot one. Saints vs Vikings 2020. Kamara had 6 rushing TDs that game.

  17. The best snow game is pats vs raiders

  18. What about eagles vs giants they are both rivals, and eagles had a crazy kick return to win the game
    Go birds

  19. Yes! The cowgirls! I love it 😂😂

  20. you call them the cowgirls because your mad that we beat them 35-28

  21. stop hating on the cowoys the pats got smacked by them

  22. Ty for the cow girls addition I’m a eagles fan

  23. Did you call the cowboys the cowgirls because they are better and beat you crappy patriots

  24. I think Saints v Vikings was one of the best games because of the total amount of points between the teams

  25. Saints Vikings??? Very good game and very high scoring

  26. Who else remembers Peyton Manning being in the league? I feel old ngl.

  27. I love how he said cowgirls I hate them

  28. Cowgirls
    Automatically the best youtuber of all time

  29. You should do best Christmas performances of all time and you could include AK

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