Nintendo Switch Christmas Gift Guide - Best Games, Accessories, and More -

Nintendo Switch Christmas Gift Guide – Best Games, Accessories, and More

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It’s Christmas innit?

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Nintendo Switch:
Nintendo Switch Lite:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:
Super Mario Odyssey:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
Luigi’s Mansion 3:
Pokémon Sword:
Pokémon Shield:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:
Hollow Knight:
Joy-Con Pair:
Switch Pro Controller:
Wired Controller:
Pokémon Christmas Jumper:
Mario Christmas Jumper:

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  1. Three kinds of switch actually. The first less powerfully model the new one and lite

  2. This guy sounds like he should be making next episode announcements on the BBC

  3. You also may want to get a Nintendo Switch owner a micro sd card. The ones form SanDisk and Samsung go on sale a lot. Also, avoid the expensive Nintendo branded memory cards. They are way expensive.

  4. Smash Ultimate is EASILY the best one they've made!!

    (Although I do miss Zelda and Shiek being the same character)

  5. hey I just bought the same calander a week ago haha! Love your videos!

  6. Will buying a Switch make my wife come back? Please Janice come home…I miss you

  7. I don't see the hero of time🤔I is the link💪😊, playing…player 1

  8. Is the switch still relevant going into the 2020?

  9. How can I get naruto ultimate storm trilogy I can't find it?

  10. Just buy a ps4. Oh wait you guys are all deluded 6 year old kidtendo fans.

  11. 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖍 𝖕〄☮︎𝖍 says:

    Fortnite suck it’s one of the worst games ever made

  12. Hold up……….. you can turn on the switch with the home button…………..?

  13. Does anyone know if Mario kart 8 deluxe will be on sale for Christmas

  14. thank you, my grandson is going to love this new nintendo we.

  15. Anyone willing to change breath of the wild for pokemon

  16. Hello all, I'm an up and coming Nintendo switch streamer. I have done a few practice streams, but now I think I'm ready for my first official stream. Please tune in tomorrow 12/12/19 at 5pm eastern I will be streaming resident evil 0 on the Nintendo switch. I have never played this series. Your feedback on what I can do better will be very much appreciated. Also if you want follow me on my journey please do. My twitch name is weebobait.

  17. What about Shovel Knight? It recently got its final big update that makes it a game FULL of great modes, challenges and loads of fun

  18. I have some similar stuff on my channel, very cool!

  19. Question is what are the dangers that could happen to a switch like damages scratches overheating I want to buy a switch but want to know the precautions

  20. "get these things I've mentioned in 25 videos the end" is my prediction

  21. Super smash bros ultimate is now the best selling fighting game it’s apparently passed street fighter 2 now, so that’s cool. 🙂

  22. for some reason my pro controller became smooth on the left as soon as i started to use it. the right side is just stil rough…

  23. All my friends are excited for Christmas while I’m excited for my birthday in 4 months for a switch because my family doesn’t do Christmas 😭😂

  24. This is the first vid I’ve watched on this channel and I’m already subscribed and have notifications on!

  25. Pro controller? Or spend 20 to get the adapter so I can use my Xbox one controller

  26. I agree Hollow Knight is surely in my top 3 all times games, the lore is soo deep I love it

  27. I got a switch already and got like 10 Games i think and i got a new game for christmas! I just Looooovvveeee the switch for me its one of the best handhelds

  28. Happy Christmas today! I think I got a Nintendo switch I could barely tell from my presents I’m so excited.

  29. I got let's go and super smash bros and last mario cart 8

  30. Am I seriously the only one that doesn't like open world games?

  31. Melee is the better game in terms of mechanics however, Ultimate is a different beast the amount of content they have put into it is insane

  32. Me here in 2020 knowing they’re sold out everywhere :👁👄👁
    💧. 💧

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