Nintendo Switch Christmas Gift Guide - Best Games, Accessories, and More -

Nintendo Switch Christmas Gift Guide – Best Games, Accessories, and More

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It’s Christmas innit?

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Nintendo Switch:
Nintendo Switch Lite:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:
Super Mario Odyssey:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
Luigi’s Mansion 3:
Pokémon Sword:
Pokémon Shield:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:
Hollow Knight:
Joy-Con Pair:
Switch Pro Controller:
Wired Controller:
Pokémon Christmas Jumper:
Mario Christmas Jumper:

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  1. Hopefully Hollow knight silk song comes out soon

  2. “There’s no better fighting game out there” about Smash. only a manchild would say shit like that

  3. I'm watching this in 1982, is this video still relevant?

  4. 'official joycons will last longer'

    JoyCon Drift – 'Allow me to introduce myself…'

  5. I like how you include international prices, would love some AU prices too as barely anyone remembers we watch these channels too and like to know what the specials are!

  6. Hottest Switch item right now is a JPN ditto. but that british one on your shelf ain't bad.

  7. Where are these "links"? I want a Link… and a Malon

  8. Do the math the switch and switch lite are both the same price as the dock costs £80. £199 lite then £279 switch

  9. I want to hear about Christmas deals. Not a run through of every switch product.

  10. Hey! If y’all order the Sweaters from, you can get the Sweaters for a tad bit cheaper than on Amazon (well some of them). I just ordered a PAC Man sweater from this site and it got here within a week and a half. I believe the shop is based in the UK so it should take less time to get to you if you live there.

  11. I was going to buy a 20$ game for 10$+Tax when Nintendo had a discount but I needed 16¢ more 😭

  12. Don't tell people to buy amibos they are a waste of money

  13. The best gift I could receive is another year of Alex calling me lovely <3

  14. 8bitdo SN30 Pro+ all the way. Even has vibration 🙂

  15. I just stumbled upon your channel and I’m already in love with your voice

  16. Astral Chain was not mentioned. Shame. The game needs attention especially after being cheated out of a nomination at the game awards.

  17. Mav sends his love from California. You inspired him to start his own! Really – it was his idea. hah. haha!!

  18. Yea i don't buy consoles to play stuff that coulda been in arcades 30 years ago

  19. “Buy licensed controllers by Nintendo”
    8bitdo – am I a joke to you?

  20. Happy birthday (almost)! Is there a way to get the mario red joycon separate from the console?

  21. As if the first party games aren’t enough, u got Octopath Traveler and Fire Emblem 3 Houses too

  22. Giving someone the gift of Hollow Knight is an incredibly kind and considerate gestures.

  23. Ok but where did you get that sweater? I want one….never mind i found it in your links LOL

  24. I have seen that you have a pokemon named Jabłko Polish 🙂

  25. Mario Odyssey is severely overrated, only give it to someone who really likes collecting things for the sake of it because the game barely has any actual platforming in it. Yeah it's about "exploration" but when you have to "explore" to even try to FIND something fun to do, that doesn't involve doing menial, trivial tasks such as herding sheep, gardening, pounding the ground, kicking trash cans, etc, that's a bad time. If you want an actual Mario game with platforming in it get Mario Maker 2 if you are the creative type or New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe if you want a good time in multiplayer.
    Pokemon Sword and Shield is also not "wonderful", the map is tiny, THIS game actually needed some exploration but it has none, the story is rushed and there is nothing to do after beating it. Skip this one!
    Those are my two cents, don't always get the games with the best review scores, you might not like them.

  26. He's made so many waffles at this point, i'm baffled that he hasn't yet learned how much waffling is enough

  27. I would recommend Monster Hunter generations XX. Loads of content and so much cool stuff. Perfect coop game too.

    On that note, my favorite christmas present from Capcom would be MonHun Stories for the Switch! Potentially withthe 1.2 and 1.3 patch.

  28. The new switch (V2) number ends in 01- (01)

  29. Make sure to buy an SD card if they want digital games! DO NOT buy Nintendo licensed SD cards, they are way too expensive!

  30. Sn30 pro plus cheaper and works on multiple platforms

  31. Mario kart 8 deluxe
    Super mario odyssey
    Zelda Breath of the wild
    Lugis mansion 3
    Pokemon sword and shield
    Super smash bros

  32. your voice is incredible, you sound like a sport commentator

  33. If I had a budget of 200 dollars (150 pounds) what would anyone suggest

  34. "Not as reliable as the official joycon"

    Says a lot considering how unreliable the official ones are as well.

  35. How do you not have 1 million subscribers

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