Nutcracker knockdown!! #christmasgames #familyfun -

Nutcracker knockdown!! #christmasgames #familyfun

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  1. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🇧🇷

  2. I feel like Taylor is purposely bad at every challenge

  3. Taylor didn’t get any
    And Brian used 5 instead of 4
    So technically Ethan is the winner

  4. “Me watching the video “ my mind Taylor is ass at throwing the balls

  5. 1) you cheated on Taylor's score
    2) Brian cheated by using 2 balls

  6. “ how bad do you want your aim to b-
    Taylor: YES.
    “ I didn’t get to finish”
    Taylor: YES

  7. Why did Taylor get 2 she clearly knocked 0 over and you guys just let Brian cheat by using an extra ball

  8. taylor sigma point
    i don't do anything but my editing powers

  9. А почему малой 2 раза попал

  10. Taylor scored 2 and Bryan used a extra ball

  11. bro this game is so unfair ethan should have won because taylor missed all and got two brian had five balls when everyone else had four

  12. You play with 5 balls en evriboudi plays with 4

  13. so brian got an extra ball and broke one of the nutcrackers?

  14. Always feel bad for Taylor and these throwing challenges cuz she always has a huge disadvantage. I feel like it should be fair for her to stand on a little stool or something because she's so short

  15. How did Taylor get 2 and Brian had another ball

  16. Taylor scored 0 not 2 and Brian used extra ball so Ethan and Brian tie

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