Online slots - 8 game bonus hunt, No Limit, Spicy Meatballs + Christmas games! -

Online slots – 8 game bonus hunt, No Limit, Spicy Meatballs + Christmas games!

The Gentleman Gambler
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Hi All,

My last two festive themed bonus hunts have gone rather well, with both yielding a profit. From a modest initial deposit of £260 I have managed to accumulate a bank of over £700.

This was achieved as a result of a few very healthy bonuses, having managed to land a good number of bonuses during the hunting phase. You need a bit of luck to get the bonuses in the first place, then again to hit the decent ones. It was actually about time I had a good result, but it was certainly welcome when it arrived.

I have taken £500 of the funds from Betfred and moved them to Leo Vegas for this video. I fancied a change of scenery and haven’t played at this site for a while. Spotting one of my favourites (Gorilla Gold) on 97% was the clincher. I will include that again soon.

For today I have played a few games I have been wanting to try for a long time. Plus a few more Christmas themed games. I ran rather well in play once again, and have managed to save up 8 bonuses for just over £150. The lack of “no bonuses” was key. I am quietly confident at my chances of a break even, but I shall refrain from counting any chickens just yet. These are the 8:

Spicy Meatballs
Plenty of Presents
Raging Reindeer
Big Fishing Fortune
Tigers Glory Ultra
Moriarty MW
Big Bad Wolf Christmas MW

I hope you enjoy this one.

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  1. Fuck Guv If Every Time Those Plenty Wilds Payed Millionaire Players Us AL!😉

  2. A splendid bonus , a nice glass of sherry and a minced 🥧

  3. 5 battles lost on tigers glory. That is beyond rare, first time seeing anyone lose one let alone 5..

  4. Hope you have a great Christmas 🎄 an great video as always good stuff👍🏼

  5. Have a great Christmas gg thanks for the great content this year 😀 hope your new years resolution is to try the mystery gambles a bit more

  6. That was very entertaining GG,nice to see a selection of different games,merry Christmas to you!!!

  7. oh dear you played the wrong one you have got to play the tigers glory ULTRA one as all the tigers that are red are garanteed to stick each time they land there are 2 of them same as secret of the stones there are 2 of thoose

  8. Give Thor's vengeance a go mate. Provider is Red Tiger

  9. Nah you will lose viewers if you keep doing 60 p stakes shame as your channel is great .Only mentioning it as I enjoy the channel channel but turn bids off when stakes are poor and not what people want to watch .long standing streamers have realized this .Anything under £1is boring.

  10. Great video as usual mate hope you and your family have a great Xmas and the fat man is good to you all

  11. Love your videos, keep them coming ol' chap!
    Not sure if you're aware, but on Tigers glory ultra, if it's in "Ultra" mode I'm sure the Tigers always win the battles 🙂

  12. Congratulations 🎊 on reaching the channels first million views!

  13. How many times will he say 'err' in the next video? Im guessing 145,076

  14. Tell me your secret how to get so many bonuses cheap I done 200 quid yesterday got one go is and that was on 40p stake

  15. There is no doubt at all that this is Nick Jenkins from Dragons Den making this video

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