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Overcome Boredom During Christmas: DIY Family Game Night and Relatable Situations

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You are a mean one, Mr. Grinch! You sprinkle your “boredom dust” everywhere you go! Well, we’ve got news for ya, buddy! Your evil Christmas pranks won’t stop us from having an amazing and fun time celebrating! Here is a funny video of fun Christmas games that include using a pair of cooking mittens to open that bundle of Christmas gifts or if those presents include a bunch of pencils, make a pencil-catching challenge out of them! Learn cool ways to use that overload of Christmas cookies and challenge your friends and siblings to a ‘shaking a box of tennis balls’ dance-off! Call your friends and family, and stay tuned for more funny relatable situations and challenges!

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00:04 Intro
00:16 Snack Checkers
01:51 Hair Tie Game
03:19 Shake The Box
05:13 Eating Cookies Of Your Face
06:50 Throw And Land Pencils
08:28 Popping Balloons With Mittens
10:00 Open Gifts With Cooking Mittens
11:01 Elf-snot Gift Card
12:48 Hidden Song Mechanism
13:55 Outro

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