Pass The Present HOT POTATO Truth Or Dare Christmas Game! -

Pass The Present HOT POTATO Truth Or Dare Christmas Game!

That YouTub3 Family – The Adventurers
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Pass The Present HOT POTATO Truth Or Dare Christmas Game!

Welcome to that YouTub3 Family! We are a fun, crazy, and loving family that likes to do outrageous things together. We encourage families to spend time together playing everyone’s favorite childhood games as seen in videos throughout our channel, to go explore their world and have an adventure together, finding new ways to connect. We hope that you find our videos inspirational and that they will encourage you to GO PLAY!
Our Kids:
Audrey (21 yrs)
Jordan (19yrs)
Jake (16 yrs)
Ty (12 yrs)

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Disclaimer: This channel is monitored and managed by adults. All our videos, including pranks, are planned and staged for Entertainment Purposes. You should never attempt anything we do at home or assume that what you are seeing is real.

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[email protected]

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Thanks For Watching! Make Today An Adventure and GO PLAY!
-That YouTub3 Family / The Adventurers


  1. There’s a spider on my roof in my room so yeah but also don’t come to Australia 🇦🇺 then there s heaps of spiders But not everywhere so some places but it’s very beautiful here though

  2. Hey I created game and it would be awesome if you could try it out!
    Can we chat about it?

  3. I dont know if you guys will see this but your family is soo fun and loving
    aNd are you guys going to change the intro because atlas needs to be included to

  4. Is it only me but why was jordan so active near the start???🤣

  5. Katie pie did you know that you are going to get sold in petstore by jodie!!.dont worry they will buy you back after christmas!!..jodie wanted to buy a toy with the money😎

  6. I love jakes smile it’s contagious 😊

  7. I was Laughing when the dogs 🐕 were trying to get the present 🎁 so funny 😆🤣😂😅

  8. I beat Jack in the staring contest and as I am tipping this I rit now I blinked.

  9. Anyone notice how ty disappeared in the middle of the video and just randomly came back

  10. the nutcracker are back they are messing with me

  11. I love that you guys are always having fun.

  12. I stopped watching for a while and the boys look like they've grown up so much. But I'm watching again!!

  13. I swear there was another girl. (Idk if I'm wrong. I might be wrong.)


  15. bruh i literally eat raw pasta almost all the time in like 5s or 7s or stuff sometimes

  16. Dint they have carpet in the hall way and the living room

  17. I Won the blinking contests staring contest

  18. 5:27 I love his face he looks so funny and he's adorable. The dog by the way.

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