Recommending Our Favourite Games For Christmas | VLOGMAS -

Recommending Our Favourite Games For Christmas | VLOGMAS

Zoe Sugg
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Recommending Our Favourite Games For Christmas

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M E N T I O N E D :
↠ Board Games;
↠ *Dobble –
↠ *Cobra Paw –
↠ *Bananagrams –
↠ Kendama
↠ *You’ve Got Crabs –
↠ *Who Am I –
↠ *Cards Against Humanity –
↠ *Go Fish –
↠ *Rummikub –
↠ *Tenzi –
↠ *Hot Seat –
↠ Psych –
↠ Heads Up –
↠ *Cluedo –
↠ *Triominos –
↠ *Scrawl –
↠ Future Self Cards –
↠ Alfie’s Video –

F E A T U R I N G :
↠ Alfie:

W E A R I N G :
⇢ White High Neck Top – Zara – (Similar)
⇢ *Zip Teddy Fleece – & Other Stories –
⇢ Hat – Primark –
⇢ *Black Jeans – Topshop Joni –
⇢ [Gifted] Chelsea Peers Pyjamas –
⇢ *Lip Colour – Em Cosmetics liquid Lip in French Nude –

⇢ Filmm App: [co founder]
⇢ Cordially Invited:


  1. We like playing stop the bus with a pack of playing cards

  2. Cards Against Humanity and Cluedo is my top 2 favourite Christmas games

  3. Great suggestions. With cards I think a game of Gin Rummy is hard to beat!

  4. If you’re looking for intense competitive card games you should try Stress, Pig or President!!!

  5. As you love cobra paw and dobble. I would highly highly recommend jungle speed. It’s fast paced and competitive. There is a 20th anniversary addition (green box) but I love the original (yellow ish box) more. It’s like snap with but with special action cards and a totem pole. It’s great in a group of about 6 but I’ve played it with more than 20 in the past (needed a few sets of cards). Also we changed one of the rules from hand on the bottom to flight for the win (you’ll understand if you get the game). Anyway I LOVE IT
    and you NEED IT.

  6. literally died laughing when alfie said "our house is flooded and my girlfriends hair is ruined"

  7. You should to play Nertz! It’s a card game but everyone playing needs their own deck of cards and all the backs have to be different. It’s fast paced and my friends and I always get super competitive! I think you would LOVE it – I know I do!

  8. Cribbage is really good as a coffee shop game.

  9. Get the game, TICKET TO RIDE! It's so much fun! Up to 5 players, everyone has their own color train car and you have to get to your destination.

  10. I think you would love the game chameleon

  11. card games: there's a great one that when I google is called mose, but my family has always called snowflake. Hearts and crazy 8s are other great classics. Lastly, euchre. I live in Michigan, euchre is serious business here. You have to make a special deck, but it's made with standard cards.

    Fast paced table games: Sushi Go, Zombie Dice, Get Bit, LRC (Left Right Center). LRC can be bought, but you can also play with regular 6-sided dice and coins.

  12. I LOVE when Alfie is in this kind of mood

  13. Zoe, give Nala carrots to clean her teeth. They work really well.

  14. I freaking love Cluedo!! I also have the one with DVD and it’s amazing 👏🔥

  15. I have cordially invited it’s my very favorite kitchen book ever❣️
    So well done zoe! I keep it open on a plate stand because of how beautiful the pages are📖
    Merry Christmas 🎄 another great video so charming ❣️

  16. Great. YouTube. Video. Zoe.Hope. you. Are.ok

  17. So I woke up at 3pm today what about you? 10:39? Me that’s quite late isn’t it

  18. To play with the cards – Chancho va (go pig is the translation) it’s a super fast game

  19. Rummikub and Triominos are the best, love playing them so much

  20. Chase the ace is also good and we play without money and use quality streets as lives

  21. I knew it! I wondered why people kept asking you about games, considering the fact that there is a massive list in Cordially Invited 🙂 I also don't like Cluedo, so Alfie high five! My boyfriend loves it, though. My personal recommendation would be definitely Dixit! Such a creative game, that you can use in many ways. I am a teacher and my students love it!

  22. Can’t be the only one loving them now swearing 😂

  23. Love Cluedo!! Have the Harry Potter one aswell😍


  25. Think you'd love to play Chameleon! It's a really fun multiplayer game, we always play it at Christmas x

  26. I love this vlog! I love board/card games as well. My siblings and I try to play a bunch of games when we get together. A couple of my favourites are Blockus, Racko, Skip-Bo, Code Names, and Clue…we call Cluedo clue in Canada.

  27. To be honest I am not that much into games but I LOVE Cluedo and Wizard! 🥰

  28. Please film you Alfie joe and dianne playing hot seat together for a while video!!! :)))

  29. My friends and I play this game called Mao. It's a game that has rules that aren't supposed to be explained or spoken. You can google all the rules. All you need is a deck of cards. Certain cards or suits have rules that go along with them. The goal is to get rid of all your cards while trying not to break any of the rules (resulting in penalty cards).

  30. A good card game is spoons. Not gunna explain it but it’s fast paced and each round takes like 2 minutes.

  31. Cluedo? Wtf
    Edit: found out it was the UK version
    (That is my favorite game!)

  32. My friends in high school and I used to play Durak and President at lunch! I wish I remembered how to play because I had a lot of fun

  33. In America, we call it Clue and I LOVE that game!!! Its so much fun. Theres also a really old game called Whodunnit, it's kinda like clue, but different and I love that one too!

  34. My two favorite card games are Polish Rummy and Hate Your Neighbor 😊

  35. I LOVE CLUE, I collect clue games!! I have like 5 different versions!

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