Ric Bucher Previews NBA Christmas Games and Talks Fixing the Lakers | THE HERD - christmas-games.info

Ric Bucher Previews NBA Christmas Games and Talks Fixing the Lakers | THE HERD

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THE HERD – Joy Taylor (in for Colin Cowherd) brings on NBA insider Ric Bucher to discuss the Chrismas Day NBA Games and the troubles of the LA LA Lakers.

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  1. That Steph Curry picture makes a lot more sense now…. 😂😂😂

  2. Chris Paul is not in the MVP race…… that Suns roster is amazing. Put KD on that team and they're the overwhelming title favorite.

  3. The lakers young players haven’t been playing that’s the problem Kendrick nunn ariza ar-15 Bradley AD of all these guys play at once with Lebron and Russ the lakers will be really good

  4. The more confident and aggressive Ayton gets, the better PHX gets. He’s done a lot this year making CP look really good. But Paul’s shooting has been clutch this year.

  5. COVID ain't ever going away. It's going to be here forever until the world ends 😲😲

  6. Why are the lakers the only team needing fixing? All you talk about is the lakers. Sick of it. They terrible and old there is no fixing to that.

  7. Joy doing her thing. Frank Vogel and Lakers coaching staff can’t relate because they’re always awful with rotations and in game adjustments 🤷🏾‍♂️ & If you’re a role player that got it going for the Lakers, it’s a 100% chance Vogel will take you out

  8. Rick a hater he makes no sense nets are f hypocrites

  9. The only thing that can fix the Lakers is Adam Silver & the refs.
    And I’m sure they are looking for ways to do it.

  10. Here they go again with cp3 mvp . He is no where near the mvp or best player in the team .

  11. Warriors don’t have 2 starters and half of the roster

  12. Who'll get blamed for this poor performance and a non-championship year? From Staples Center with 17 championships as a staple, it's now a crypto center after the P700m naming deal. Looks more like creep-to-mediocrity.

  13. So why we worrying about how to fix the Lakers and nobody else 🤔

  14. When do you save Labron for next year AD will be out of shape when he's healthy and labron will be beat down or injured

  15. Lakers are the oldest team in NBA history. Can not fix a defense that is so slow due to old age and lack of quickness.

  16. "Fixing Lakers"??? Are you kidding me??? They would have to either get a sharpshooting all-star without giving up any rotation players, or completely gut their roster and get winning players who can shoot and play defense!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Alright man cp3 isn’t in MVP discussion, you could’ve just said Jokic as the MVP if you wanted to be different

  18. Devin booker is the best player on suns lol….cp3 is not even on top 5 mvp list

  19. That Lakers take was trash. He obviously doesn't watch the games.

  20. Fixing the Lakers? No other team just the Lakers. Wait I thought LeBron make other around him better?

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