Rich Eisen Breaks Down the NFL’s 2023 Holiday Games Schedule | The Rich Eisen Show -

Rich Eisen Breaks Down the NFL’s 2023 Holiday Games Schedule | The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show
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Rich Eisen the guys break down the NFL’s 2023 holiday games schedule and what the ramifications could be for the teams involved.

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  1. I'd like to see a Christmas day triple header would be a first

  2. It's where the retailers go from the red to the black. But you didn't mention the consumers go from the black to the red. Realty check ✔️

  3. Raiders vs Chiefs Christmas Day also 1:00 pm est

  4. He doesn’t know why they call it Black Friday?

    The first time “Black Friday” specifically referred to shopping the day after Thanksgiving came in the 1950s. Police in Philadelphia complained about an influx of people coming to the city to shop the day after Thanksgiving, calling it a “Black Friday” because they had to control crowds.

  5. My understanding is that most retail business are "in the red" (cash negative) up until Black Friday where they start to turn a profit and then are "in the black." This point usually happens around Black Friday and we've created a retail holiday out of it. All there is to it I think

  6. It’s that time of year we all get excited for schedule and the games before the dog days of summer.


  8. I think the first game of the season will be Jacksonville vs KC

  9. 6.23 : it's not even Joe Namath's accent ! It sounds to my ears like if Joe Pesci is speaking 😅🤣

  10. Everytime Boston Scott plays the Giants, he turns into Barry Sanders

  11. Jets better wear those black jerseys for Black Friday

  12. Good explanation from Chris about the origin of the term "Black Friday."

  13. 😂 You guys are too much… It's the day where businesses become profitable for the year. Into the black

  14. @RICH EISEN; Black Friday. From January-November companies operate in the negative (in accounting that is called the red). However, the day after Thanksgiving is so profitable that companies return to the positive revenue (the profits) which in accounting is 'in the black' thus making it Black Friday.

  15. Since the NCAA and all these conferences have all their special packages the NFL needs to quit worrying about when they schedule their games

  16. Mama Kelce was not wrong, KC cried that they did not want to play the Bears in Germany and the league caved and gave them a lollipop. I hope the Dolphins mud stomp the Chiefs in Germany!

  17. San Francisco at Kansas City is my guess for the opening game.

  18. Amazon’s entire production is a dumpster fire. Sherman. Gonzalez. Whit worth. Fitzpatrick. Herbstreit. Michaels. It’s a tough listen.

  19. Black Friday was the day jesus died right? When he was trampled to death trying to buy a coffee maker for his wife mary at 70% off cuz she just had to have the freaking espresso attachment smh

  20. I like Brockman's last comment about having the Jets occupies all 10 spots, can't wait for the season to get underway fellas

  21. Black friday comes from philly police officers in the 1960s who termed the crazy amount of traffic and violence after thanksgiving as “black friday”

  22. Christmas is a basketball holiday. Football should stick to thanksgiving

  23. KC said no go to the idea of playing in Germany. Good for them.

  24. Anyone remember last year when Rich mentioned Black Friday and TJ quietly said “Why’s it gotta be black”?

  25. Rich, it's called Black Friday because it was the one day out of the year retailers knew their sales would be enough to put them in the black vs red. It's an accounting thing. Red means negative. Being in the red is bad, being in the black is good.

  26. All I can think about is how many times there going to show the Philly hates Santa Claus clip

  27. RICH!! It's called Black Friday because it's the day you get your accounts back "into the black," and "out of the red." Basic stuff.

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