ROBLOX SUGGEST LIVE WITH VIEWERS #537!! (Christmas Games Only) -

ROBLOX SUGGEST LIVE WITH VIEWERS #537!! (Christmas Games Only)

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ROBLOX SUGGEST LIVE WITH VIEWERS #537!! (Christmas Games Only)

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Rules for Live Chat!
1. No Swearing! Words like damn, crap and bloody in any context is fine, but not the others like the S word, F word etc.
2. No Spamming! (Raids have an exemption, so they are ok)
3. No Fighting/Bullying With Other Fans! Banter is ok, but do not take it too far.
4. No Inappropriate usernames/nicknames!
5. No form of discrimination! This includes stuff like sexism, racism and religion.
6. No Minimodding! Please let me and my mods handle a situation, never try to resolve it yourself.
7. No Personal Information! Do not talk about personal information such as where someone lives as they might feel uncomfortable with others knowing about their location, we have a zero-tolerance for discussing personal information. Stuff such as age or name is perfectly fine as long as the person who is being asked is alright with sharing it.
8. Have fun!

If you either donate or become a channel member, it does not excuse you to break the above rules, and action will stall be taken against you if you do not comply with the above rules.
I understand there are a few people who would like to friend me on Roblox however due to the Roblox limit of 200 friends, I cannot be friends fans as it will be unfair if I accept a few and not others. I only friend people I know in real life or trust heavily! Dive into the comedic brilliance of Skibidi Toilet. From the inception of the first Skibidi head in a toilet to the latest plot twists. Unravel the humor and become an aficionado of the unforgettable skibidi toilet universe!

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Donations are greatly appreciated!
~ Features Gaming

All the songs used in the stream are part of a copyright-free playlist, and I am unable to grab every song used, but here are a few:
Tobu – Infectious (Original Mix):
Tobu & Itro – Sunburst:
Tobu – Life:
Tobu – Candyland:
Tobu – Hope (Original Mix):
Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9:

Most music provided by @tobuofficial:

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