SANTA IS HERE! | Two Christmas Games! | Dear Santa, I Hate You! -

SANTA IS HERE! | Two Christmas Games! | Dear Santa, I Hate You!

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Santa is here to punish the naughty!

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Santa is Here:
I Hate You Santa:

Outro: Jazz in Paris by Media Right Productions


  1. +dlive22891 the new FNAF map is out whit the new animatronics 😀

  2. Dlive,they added the toy animatronics! In the map! A sneak peek!

  3. Yeah, take your time to get rid of the seizure inducing text, it's fine. I'll just go spasm on the floor in the mean time

    8 million likes,
    8 x 10 is 80
    My grandma is 80
    My car is from the '80s
    80-74 is 6
    My brother is six
    My brother eats Doritos
    Doritos are triangular
    Illuminati is triangular
    Illuminati is on $1 bill
    I have a one dollar bill
    You have one…….
    I'm in geometry class right now. I see Triangles. Pythagorean Theorem, illuminati
    This video has 2,000,000,000 view
    2+3 is 5
    5+20 = 25
    25-22 = 3
    Triangles have three sides
    Illuminati is a triangle. 
    Pirate hat has three corners
    Pirate is illuminati 
    dlive22891 is illuminati
    Illuminati is Pythagorean theorem. I is smart and u r knot by loser c

  5. At least when you said * Santa get down here * he listened to you.

  6. When sant open the door
    Santa:ho ho ho
    You:santa yay!
    Santa:marry chrismas*grab machete*

  7. Kevin probably asked for call of duty and Kevin probably got a free year in day care coupon

  8. the first game is like Swedish Christmas

  9. Ya know when you were looking at the santa in the window my YouTube crashed

    BTW I was the one who memed ye picture lek kek lek kek

  10. game1) veryyyyyy scary!!! game2)very cooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!

  11. Hey dlive22891 I am one of ur biggest fans l Ike ur vids ur cool BTW one day I hope to play with u 😁

  12. I am new to this channel and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. aaaaaaaaah! I'm totally scared I hate this freacking game

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