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Saran Wrap Adult Christmas Ball | JenniferB | Christmas Games | Jonesgirl2012

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Saran Wrap Adult Christmas Ball

Hey guys!!! Welcome back to my channel!! Today I’m making a fun adult Saran Wrap ball!!

🖤👉🏾Ok so the way we play is the youngest adult starts to unwrap the ball one layer at a time—NO TEARING, RIPPING, CUTTING OR PUNCTURING HOLES is allowed, if you do you’re disqualified; while the person next to them is rolling a set of dice. Once the dice roller gets doubles you must STOP on wrapping and pass to the next player!!! As you’re unwrapping the ball you get to keep the prizes uncovered during your turn… at the end of your turn you MUST drink whatever liquor shots you collected BEFORE the unwrapping continues by the next player!!! If you can’t consume your liquor shots within 3 minutes you forfeit any prizes collected and they become part of the grand prize which is for whomever gets to the middle first!!!👈🏾🖤#jenniferbcrafts

If you have any questions as always please leave them in the comments!!



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  1. Glad to see someone else builds cool adult balls, and we do a $10 buy in to play!😁 always a blast!

  2. Thank you for your help!!! Definitely going for this kind of game!

  3. This is the best one I’ve seen so far!

  4. I made one for Christmas and my family loved it it was so fun to play

  5. I like this but don't like the idea of the tape on the plastic. Everybody disqualified at the end trying to get the tape off

  6. Love it!! Can’t wait to do this adult one next year…if corona is gone by then

  7. Yessss you are so talented you should have a tv show!

  8. we do this but our family has to wear oven mittens while unwrapping

  9. The Saran wrap game oh boy!!! I know this is going to be a good one 👍👍👍👍👍, look at all of that good stuff they are playing for

  10. For Christmas next year you all should do the big Grand giveaway Saran wrap ball game put a picture of a iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 in the Saran wrap, and put a picture of a flat screen color TV, put, a picture of a macbook iPad, put a picture of air pods, along with all sorts of treats and money, and put a picture of a pair of Michael Jordan gym shoes, and whatever picture the person gets from the Saran wrap while they are unwrapping the plastic wrap they win that prize and you all should have all of the real prizes, under the Christmas tree but unwrapped, this will be so fun

  11. I never do chocolates in mine because they always melt!

  12. Maybe a non violent games this year ,we have had some brutal scratch off rumble pits. My poor mom got hip checked to the floor by my wife a few Christmas 🎄 past. Mom got her back no spinach pie for her that year

  13. We play with the whole family on Thanksgiving as an early kickoff to Christmas and the kids who get the airplane liquor bottles can trade an adult for anything they want in their pile. We call it GREED and this year will be the 4th year doing it. Sometimes I throw in maxi pads or tampons to trip the guys up and as a gag

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