Saran Wrap ball game. MERRY CHRISTMAS -

Saran Wrap ball game. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Dec. 24th, 2019


  1. Good…except…the person rolling the dice needs to roll immediately after getting the dice. If the person taking their turn with the ball doesn’t get ready quickly and the person with the dice rolls doubles…too bad.

  2. Do you change person if you get a prize from it on your turn?

  3. What are you rolling on dice b4 it changes

  4. Waste of Serán wrap, ends up in turtle mouths or fish stomachs

  5. This is way too calm and not how it went at my house 🤣

  6. You guys are so calm I’m jealous 😂 my party was screaming and biting it. It was definitely a sight to see.

  7. We don't wait to get gloves on to role we just go go go 😂 it's fun gets the heart going

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