ShellShock Live: Christmas Games -

ShellShock Live: Christmas Games

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Hi guys! This is just some random games done on Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoyed watching!
Discord server:
Monsterclawn made the intro
I made the fonts in the thumbnail from


  1. Ori: Flaming Arrow is the best sniper.Sub Sniper: Am I a joke to you?

  2. Nice vid as always and would love to play With you some time <3

  3. Warum ohne Musik währe dan schöner zu schauen

  4. I have way to manny games i want to play or need to finish. But i always just start playing shellshock

  5. What the 460.000 xp on Wasps holy shit Merry Christmas ori (ik 3 days too late)
    Edit: Can you tell us your Wep with the most xp?

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