Should There Be More Christmas Games? | Slightly Civil War -

Should There Be More Christmas Games? | Slightly Civil War

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  1. This brings me back to the flash game about playing as scrooge and shooting the homeless

  2. I haven't watched the video yet but Yakuza has become my Christmas game series. Cause most of the games outside of a few take place during Christmas, and its Christmas in Japan which is something a broke bastard like myself likely wont experience anytime soon.

  3. Ask the question in June, because people are only interested in Xmas games at Xmas.

  4. Santa goes around bombing synagogues and mosques while shooting liberals who say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas because all lives matter would sell in parts of America.

  5. That "Cut that out" bit got me wondering… how much are these debates edited?

  6. Why bother with Christmas games when the Yakuza series perfected the Christmas formula?

  7. But wait, there is an achievement for Peace on Earth!!!! You just have to play MGSV online and de-nuclearize your server, likely requiring gratuitous micropayments in service thereof!!!

  8. I think Saints Row IV did it best. Christmas DLC rather than a dedicated game. Funny and on brand, and not too long.
    And if you're a grinch, you don't have to buy it at all.

    Special mention to Terraria for just having christmas stuff happen anyway, but you have to put a bit of effort in.

  9. Where is the stealth game where you are Santa dropping off presents? Hide from the adults, but make sure the kids spot you. Hard mode has you trying to lug a full sized bike through a chimney without waking the neighbors. It could work, just no lethal take downs on mom and dad.

  10. I'm going to have a stab at this one, hard to develop for. Christmas already a target release time for most AAA titles, so that's who you have to compete with and pay to market against, you cant be late because who's going to buy a Christmas game (or play one) in January-November? almost all Christmas games i can think of have been viral marketing, clones, ripoffs and flash games. Guess mobile games might fare better.

  11. just have to see if Yahtzee will support the losing side
    More Christmas games

  12. There needs to be mote Christmas SONGS!
    I adore Mariah Carey, but there were years in which I would drive with my radio off just to ensure I wouldn't hear "All I Want for Christmas." 🤦

  13. I could see there being fun little Christmas themed party games. But not AAA titles.

  14. Most of the Christmas games that do exist are garbage indie games..the holiday just doesn't lend itself well the way say Halloween does..Christmas themed dlc/ events work ok, especially as parody like the dlc for saints row 4 which was a lot of fun, but as full games? Not really

  15. I read the title as should more games be released at Christmas.

  16. "Zero Punctuation: Dead Rising 4" would like to say a word.

  17. LOLed at the Whos portrayed by imps, and the female imp getting nervous and frightened at the command above her that says "Press 'E' to impregnate"! XD And Jack Packard as Santa Claus! XD

  18. -Spider-Man Miles Morales

    -Bayonetta 2

    -Batman Arkham Origins

  19. I prefer games which add a bit of christmas to them. I.e:
    1. Cities Skylines, building a christmas tree, adding snow etc
    2. Planet Coaster, making a snow/Christmas area with presents, christmas trees and lights etc
    3. Visceral Cleanup Detail has a good Christmas expansion thing
    4. Animal Crossing has a semi good Christmas event

  20. Die Hard: Christmas at Nakatomi Plaza could be a pretty cool stealth game.

  21. Christmas games = Jingle Hells, and snowball fights in GTAO

  22. Let me pitch this one; Newborn Baby Jesus v/s the Hordes of Hell, Doom style.

  23. One of my favorite shitty games on PS1 was The Grinch game, where you played as mean old Grinch himself, sabotaging shit, breaking things, stealing stuff! IT WAS FUN!

  24. Does batman arkham origins count as Christmas game? It's set at the time of year and I honestly loved the aesthetic it had

  25. too funny how this felt less like a debate and more like two men airing out their grievances against Christmas

  26. as much as I don't like it, jack has a point. I play costume quest or its sequel every halloween, I played it with my spouse this time. Christmas is, above any of the others, a game about tradition. and the Rankin-Bass films will show you that 'quality' doesn't quite have to be the top priority. it just has to be 'good enough'

  27. Haha, I nearly skipped this one because of it's weird subject matter.
    Well, there is my new years resolution, have more faith in Jack and Yahtzee !

  28. I'm about the upset quite a few people: Santa, or the person who was the basis for Santa, was most likely pagan…..

  29. It works better with just having Christmas themes so they can go away once the season is over

  30. Jack is good at making good points but he sounds so fakely phoned in, I can't take anything he says seriously

  31. I think a Christmas Tycoon game were you have to build up a factory and toy shops would be amazing.

  32. Jack rather do this rather than rlm best of the worst

  33. Who marries in Stardew Valley when you can have Krobus as a roomate?

  34. If only we could speed run vaccine distribution

  35. How are we not talking about Saints Rows Christmas DLC?!

    It accomplished not restricting the whole game to the topic but was also an absolutely GOLDEN piece of dlc.

  36. I see a market for Indie Christmas games. Ones you load up when the Christmas season starts so soak in the season and play till you're sick of it and then come back to it the next year.

  37. All Christmas games I'm aware of fall into one of two categories: An existing game with snow, snowmen, reindeer, santa hats, presents and trees scattered around with the main theme tune remixed to add in some jingle bells, OR, "Santa has lost the presents and he needs your help collecting them all back before Christmas."

  38. 3:30 I'm sorry but that’s incorrect, Mr. Gimbals wasn’t trying to stop Macy*s because of Kris Kringle, sure he was mad because of the “greatest good will policy” that unknowns to him was created by Kris, but he was just a normal business competitor so of course he would want to try to beat his rival. I don’t know if you could there was one but the closet person to an antagonist in that movie would be the incompetent therapist Mr. Sawyer.

  39. Saint's Row IV had the best Christmas DLC ever – save Santa from aliens and give him superpowers.

  40. Christmas games are for christmastime, end of. They're holiday content stretched out into a full game. Although, I'd like to see a fighting game with Santa Claus vs. The Headless Horseman, and the winner has a cage match with the Easter Bunny.

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