Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown plays Christmas games with her kids as husband Kody is nowhere to be -

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown plays Christmas games with her kids as husband Kody is nowhere to be

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Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown plays Christmas games with her kids as husband Kody is nowhere to be seen during family feud..
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  5. I had a perfect solution for them but they didn't want to listen. Plan the big party, buy 25 covid tests, pass them out the day before, if they don't have covid go to the party. Easy oh so easy, they just want the drama.

  6. Just like kody is doing with wife Mary he's hiding behind his fear! Someone said he was accused of almost killing truly ? If that's true. Then he's hiding behind the fear that he will hurt one of his family members by giving them covid. It's a rashanal fear! I'm sure he's not the only one in the country that has it! But he has an extreme case ! Would someone get this man some help before he ends up alone! .,?!? ,?!? Any phycs out there willing to take a chance ! On helping this man. He has a caring loving family and he's tried everything to get his family to bend to his will and say. See me I'm doing everything I can to not kill anyone. I almost made a mistake with your sister but I'm not going to let that happen again! Look at me I'm doing my best! And when there not patting him on the Head saying good daddy he gets mad! It's a rou nd robin! And that's when divorces happen! I like this family. I think there neat people. I would feel bad if this happened to them someone help them!

  7. Waiting for Robins reaction when he brings in a new, younger, prettier wife

  8. The reason he's not around because he's too busy with Robin his favorite wife that probably dunks her donut in her coffee I can't say the real thing because I'm a Christian woman I have never ever in my life have had to see a lot of this pill that's going on television married a one husband and he was just my love of my life but this man dips his donut all over his coffees that is disgusting I can imagine the story that he goes and tells Robin when she is ugly just waiting till she's about 10-15 years older he's going to wake up and he's not going to want to look at her anymore I already see it she's not no Beauty not inside or outside all I got to say that he has messed up big-time he should have just stood married to Mary but you know what he's tricked her so he can marry Robin so he can adopt her children what an excuse that isn't the worst excuse I've heard it's like telling your wife I'm going to sleep with her so you know I got to get married to her this is horrible he is a pathetic person and a man does not even a man walked away from his children his father threw him out when he was 18 don't out parent is a hassle of our children unconditional no matter how old they are I hope it pray to God for forgiveness that's all I got to say I have every right to say these things because I am a senior their grandmother

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