STEAM WINTER SALE 2021/2022! Christmas Holiday Sale! Games, Badges, Cards, Best Deals + Dates! -

STEAM WINTER SALE 2021/2022! Christmas Holiday Sale! Games, Badges, Cards, Best Deals + Dates!

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Complete Guide to the Steam Winter Sale 2021/2022 (aka Christmas Holiday Sale)! Dates, best game deals plus the cards, badges, Steam Awards voting, Steam Points Store and more!

The sale is on for 2 weeks or 14 days, dates are December 22nd until January 5th!

Covering deals on the biggest and most popular games, the cards/badges/tokens/rewards, voting for the Steam Awards etc.! That’s about all as far as a meta-game this time around.

Get your favourite games cheap while you can, there may not be another sale for awhile!

Here’s a link to the Steam Store:

A link to SteamDB to check out sales, sale histories & currency conversion:

The Steam Limited Profile FAQ:

My Second, Fun Channel (MassDistract Gaming):

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Sale Dates & Info
02:55 Deals
07:36 SteamDB Info
08:06 Steam Awards Voting, Cards & Badges
08:59 Additional Cards
09:05 Not Getting Cards?
11:35 Seasonal Badge
12:14 Free Stickers
12:41 Points System
16:21 My Channel Info


  1. hey i see this video is now 4 months old but do you know when the seasonal badges will change? im lvl 40 already and its almost summer???

  2. I remember watching your terraria tutorials years ago, Well done your channel has done great!

  3. I watched this video a week ago and decided to join yesterday. After more than four hours of blood, sweat and tears yesterday and today; I finally got my account set up through mounds of mysteries in the process (and I'm pretty computer literate). The username entry were being rejected only to find out hours later that it converts all cap character to lower case. All this to buy Aerofly RC8 at the 20% off "Winter Sale" price of $63.99 ending today "January 5th 2022" .And what I encounter is a full price on this game at $79.99. The sale ending duration with vendors I have purchased from all of my life, includes the day on which it ends. It was listed as running to January 5, 1922." I'm not happy. I've sent my issue to Steam Support to whom I started asking for help yesterday the 4th. Not a great start and I'd be surprised if I see any solutions offered.

  4. Kinda sad winter sale this year,no event,nothing special..

  5. Nice and helpful video! Umm how many cards can we get for free during the sale ?

  6. thanks.i didnt know the 1 card/day!i profited 2 cent so far. :>

  7. How do I get discounts on games within steam ?

  8. The fact that they had the balls to nominate cyberpunk 2077 for 2 categories including game of the year is insulting, hopefully Terraria wins the labor of love award (but its up against some popular multiplayer games with big fan bases so unlikely). Purely for an offer this sale I think Dragon Age Inquisition with all the dlc included for around 4.99 is a really good deal for content but it does require some fiddling with to run smoothly (being on an ssd, having exceptions added for firewall and anti virus, running some special command lines for optimal performance)

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