Super Best Friends Play Christmas Games! -

Super Best Friends Play Christmas Games!

Super Best Friends Play
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The Zaibatsu partake in some holiday cheer, but in video game form! The only true form of cheer and happiness!


  1. The only reason why Matt says that Halloween is the best holiday is because he got married on it.

  2. I can't stop laughing at Yukon Pat in the title card.

  3. Good old snowman pepper…. wait fuckin' what!?

  4. We should have a sequel to Woolie's Super Salty Mario Adventures this year.

  5. I find myself watching this video once a year now.

  6. Kevin is the reason airport security is so ridiculous.

  7. woolie with the marxism. red flag is best flag.

  8. They dub things for a reason, stop saying it like your japanese

  9. 22:37

    I'm pretty sure the tiger thing happened in san francisco. maybe not. wherever it was, I was there about 3 days before that happened. that tiger was NOT happy.
    we went up to the side of it's deep, cement walled pit/enclosure and we could hear it like a cat in heat going "RRRRROOOOOOOOOWWWWRLLLLRRRRRRRR


    apparently the dude who got attacked was taunting or throwing shit at it. Cat was fuckin done

  10. Aww they shoulda said X-mas at the last part because it was mega man X

  11. My favorite thing about these videos is how Pat always sounds like he's at the far end of the room from everyone else.

  12. I'm sorry we didn't have a Christmas special this year

  13. Up Vote for the coders and Artists! Let's make a Super Best Friends video game!!! Ai student with lemons and dreams. My Voice Shall be Heard

  14. the reason why culkin ate pizza is because warhol ate a burger

  15. God, I forgot about collusion. Why did they stop the colluding?

  16. Holy shit, I thought I just hallucinated Bible Adventures. I vaguely remember playing it when I was a wee little babby.

  17. never seen the zaibatsu so angry at each other

  18. Yooooo, you guys should do this thing again in 2016!

  19. "God's like, that's unpatchable, I don't have the 40 grand to submit to Microsoft" 😀

  20. A Christmas without Senpai 🙁 RIP Liam

  21. When you realize last bible is apart of Megami Tensei ._.

  22. The common man's a chump Woolie. Being a noble knight is where its fucking at.

  23. Really, boys? A 1.5 minute ad with no skip? 🙁 I always watch the ads because I want u guys to make $$$ but this is redick.

  24. "Why can't Mario run?"
    Give him a few years.

  25. 1-8STARS4SHITS S T A R STARS4SHITS 18STARS4SHITS contact your stars today

  26. T-T-The gang's all here. Right? Guys?…. Guys..?

  27. 4 years ago was the best the Best Friends have ever been… 4 years later and we live in a World of Ruin…
    A world without the Zaibatsu. A future that refused to change… Merry Christmas to all who find this note.

  28. awww they were family in this video. I wish they still were

  29. Long live the Zaibatsu!
    Happy Holidays to any other SBFP fans coming back to this this year <3

  30. Don't cry that it's over. Be happy that it happend.

  31. Back for my yearly viewing. Meri Kurisimasu, minnassan.

  32. Back to pay my respects and relive the magic of this channel. Their family photo at the end with the hover hands still makes me laugh!

  33. I love how God looked at his handiwork one day and was like "oh man I fucked up. If only I was all-powerful and omniscient; I could have prevented this."

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