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Super Merry Christmas Games – RhysPlease

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MERRY CHRISTMAS AND TO ALL SOME GOOD GAMES! Thats right! Its nearly merry Christmas time so to celebrate and say good riddance to this horrible year, ive decided to search far and wide for a wonderful, jolly, merry, Christmas game to ease my self isolation blues.

Come join me over the next few episode as i look at some pretty darn obscure christmas titles from days of yore

This week im starting out on the SNES and The SEGA Megadrive!
What good tidings shall we find?!


Peace and Merry Crimbo!

if you have any feedback on the video id love to hear it! Be kind though…






Original music composed by Dmitry Zhbanov

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  1. this is legitimately one of the funniest gaming vids i've seen in a while! it reminds me a lot of caddicarus, which is a great thing, but you have your own flair and style, and i really enjoy the edits! also had to mention while i'm here that i adored your performance as the man who isn't there, and i can't wait to see more of what you do in the future!

  2. Santa be throwing some rasengan to attack his enemies there!

  3. Santa be throwing some rasengan to attack his enemies there!

  4. hahaha this was so fun to watch! was great to see you have some fun with this game

  5. hahaha this was so fun to watch! was great to see you have some fun with this game

  6. Proud to be your 100th Subscriber my friend! I love retro gaming titles but I never expected there to be Christmas ones! 😛 (Also your editing is spot on! 🙂 )

  7. lmao could you imagine the kid having a crossbow in the movies, it would be over so quick lol

  8. love this! the intro is fun and your commentary and edits are sweet! left a big like and new sub here 😀

  9. Lmao thay home alone game was weird. Kinda reminded me of the old Dennis the menace game for super Nintendo lol

  10. So I am just now getting around to watching this but I am super glad to see you back dude! I personally think Evil santa might just be a misunderstood lover of tea!

  11. oh Home alone is very good game i play it on my first pc 🙂

  12. hi i saw you were in philosophy tube's vid ❤️ much love to her and to you!

  13. Amazing acting job on Philosophy Tube! Truly fantastic interpretation of Abigail.

  14. You’re a fantastic actor! The performance was very emotional to watch. Much love to you 🙂

  15. Jaw-dropping performance lad, incredible work and why yes I am subscribing

  16. Who else is here from PhilosophyTube?!
    The trenches speech and the final speech to camera before The Man Who Isn't There becomes Abi had me in the feels. Congrats my dude, you are a very talented man

  17. Just wanted to stop by and say that you were awesome in Abigail's video! Also, I assume it was dubbed with her doing her old voice (since it sounded like she used to)? The dub was so damn good, if so, and you're an even better actor if not.

  18. I hate to pile on about something not related to this video, but your work in Abigail’s video was just incredible so thanks! 💚

  19. Oh wow. Found you from your wonderful acting work on That Philosophytube Video, and you're charmingly talking about old video games and singing about Evil Santa. Subbed and wishing you all the success in the world.

  20. I came here from Abby's video and all I say is that you're exactly talented. I watched some of your videos and I can't believe you had so much depth and nuance.

  21. Dude that was a fantastic performance on Philosophy Tube! I didn't know what to expect from your channel after that performance of yours, but I think it's safe to say I didn't expect this. And this is perfect 😂

  22. Dude do you do live dresses? I think you should do live streams, you're hilarious and you got the energy

  23. I just have to say, absolutely wild play alongs was not what I expected after your incredible performance on PT. Lol

  24. 69 likes, nice, sorry to break that.
    Here’s a like for a good video and also the great performance on Philosophy Tube.
    Hoping to see more content soon!

  25. I had to come and subscribe immediately as soon as I found out you had a channel. The level of acting ability you have is insane, it was just exactly like her. It was uncanny how well you managed to imitate her.

    Also I've gotta love anyone who plays James Pond II. What an amazing game, I still play it to this day. Back in the early 90s, James Pond II felt pretty much as big as Sonic or Mario, basically everyone had a copy. There's some impressive record it has like it was the highest selling mega drive game in the UK, or something like that

  26. At 1:16 your face looked a bit like Gromit looking at cheese, and I mean that as a compliment. Also, you probably going to get tired of this, but you were amazing in Abigail's video. If you talk about that again, I'd love to know how the whole thing with you there began, If you're an actual actor like her or something like that (your acting was THAT great)

  27. We all know why we're here.

    That performance wasn't really in a movie but you deserve an Oscar for it nonetheless.

  28. i just found you through Philosophy Tube but im really liking your content, your editing style and delivery is really impresssive for someone whos (relativity) new to gaming on youtube! im looking forward to your future content

  29. The only Christmas themed thing that doesn't fill me with dread! Well done!

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