The 5 Best Christmas Games Of All Time -

The 5 Best Christmas Games Of All Time

Degenerate Jay
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It’s Christmas Eve. Let’s take a look at the 5 best “Christmas” games of all time. These games all have heavy Christmas Elements due to taking part during that time of the year. Also, why would you even argue that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie? You really want to remove the coolest Christmas movie from Christmas Canon? Not cool. Which of these games is your favorite? What are your 5 favorite Christmas-themed video games?

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  1. Im actually getting Miles Morales for Christmas

  2. What I consider a “Christmas Game” or “Christmas Movie” is something that celebrates Christmas. If it just takes place during X-mas, that doesn’t count. But that’s just my opinion

  3. sorry to anyone who reads this but arkham origins is my favorite Arkham game

  4. Merry Christmas from the UK….why isn’t it snowing 😢

  5. Parasite Eve is one of those games that was actually good and just got left behind because Final Fantasy made more money sadly. Also Resident Evil from the same era kept going and made so much too.

  6. Arkham origins joker theme easily makes it S tier. It’s like a reworked carol of the bells

  7. 4) Skylanders, the snowy expansion
    3) GTAV Online
    2) Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    1) Arkham Origins

    Honorable mentions:

    —Arkham City ((Because it did not try to be Christmas theme, just snowy.))
    —Overwatch Christmas update 2017 ((Because 2017 Overwatch was balanced to me and that year had decent skins like Snow Owl Ana.))

  8. This is one of my favorite videos. Thank you!

  9. Hi Jay, nice and fantastic videos. Just go easier on the spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-man. Great videos though.

  10. Arkham manages to still hold up no matter what. Arkham origins will always be the best Christmas game, and in my not so popular opinion, one of the best Arkham games.

  11. For those who hate on Arkham Origins: Arkham Origins is not a bad game. In fact it's a really good game, it's just that compared to all the other Arkham games (which are masterpieces) it looks a little rushed. But it's still a really good game.

  12. I really liked How Morales would would swing through the Meet Santa set and running into Jameson. That to me was putting Christmas in the story.

  13. Yakuza 0 is a good Christmas game theres like one mention that its Christmas time but still counts

  14. Dead Rising 4 isn't just the worst Dead Rising, but it's also a bad game.

  15. We need a resident evil that takes place on Christmas. Maybe there is one and I'm just forgetting.

  16. I'm literally doing another playthrough of Arkham Origins right now. I absolutely love the Christmas atmosphere and music.

  17. Thank you for the list I was wondering what were the best Christmas games

  18. I'm trying to 100 percent arkham origins right now. Looking forward to playing Cold Cold Heart for the first time.

  19. I am still hoping for an arkham origins remaster.

  20. merry christmas! Do you think we can have our christmas dinner er for breakfest

  21. 1. That one Nightmare before Christmas game everyone forgot about it

  22. Arkham origins is super underrated in my opinion

  23. Batman Arkham Origins is the Best Christmas Game! Change my Mind!

  24. I gotta mention Batman Returns on SNES. First levels literally have the Gotham Plaza Christmas tree.

  25. If loose lips is not in Gotham knights I'm not buying the game

  26. Have a MURRAY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope Santa got you what you wanted.

  27. I figured this would be the video he made when he said something the other day

  28. I just got Arkham origins today so 🙂 I do not look forward to the bane mission at the end of the game with him hulked out

  29. Merry Christmas, Jay! I just watched this video and like, you guys are just awesome and fill me with positivity. Stay legendary!

  30. Arkham Origins is my favorite Christmas game. Alfred and Bruce wishing each other Merry Christmas when midnight strikes before getting into the Hat shop always gets me.

  31. This was always my main reason why I like Arkham Origins so much. Its during winter and Christmasy. My favorite holiday with my favorite character.

  32. Here in Tennessee we never get snow on Christmas but we happened to get some today to my surprise and it was more snow then we’ve gotten in years.

  33. Jay, the only games on your list I play are Arkham Origins and Miles Morales. Can't decide which one I like more, but both are phenomenal games! Oh, are you aware that you can make it Christmas time in Arkham Knight by doing Mr. Freeze's mission at the very end of the game so that it snows in Gotham?

  34. 1: Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    2: Batman: Arkham Origins
    3: idk

  35. I just got Batman: the Complete Animated Series for Christmas. Thanks for bringing the show to my attention. Merry Christmas!

  36. I'm celebrating this Christmas by rewatching Jay's Arkham Asylum Let's Play!

  37. I'm happy that you mentioned Calendar Man , because if you didn't I was going to mention him for you.

  38. Next video: best games that no one could get on Christmas because of Sony's lack of PS5s.

  39. Starting with the main channel videos. Oh great Nate’s here. My favorite is arkham origins. I know I’m a vanilla biatch but it’s amazing. Dead rising is super fun. I love murdering zombies. So fun. Lol it’s the Black Friday people that your killing. Also you don’t sound so good nate. Might need some medicine. Call an ambulance for nate. Damn nice island jill. Looks amazing. Imagine if jay tried to say it was his lol. I’ve never played any and was meaning to try the new one but I just haven’t gotten it yet. It looks fun though. Never heard of this game. Miles morales is a great game but I’ve yet to start playing it. I’m gonna finish the first game first. Then I can assume arkham origins is number one which that game is so good. It’s literally amazing. Anyway stay shway and awesome jay. Origins was actually the game that got me into your channel.

  40. I play The Walking Dead : Season two around Christmas if possible, because it does take place in the season. There’s snow, a tree, and Santa (Kenny).

  41. The first yakuza game takes place during Christmas. Idk if it counts, but it’s also pretty good.

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