The Hunt for The "Lazy Gamer" Christmas Dinner in a can -

The Hunt for The “Lazy Gamer” Christmas Dinner in a can

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Today on Game History Secrets, Liam talks about his journey to uncover the story behind the Christmas Tinner, allegedly produced by the UK video game retailer GAME. The Christmas Tinner was a Christmas dinner in a tin for the ‘Lazy Gamer’ who couldn’t be bothered to make Christmas Dinner for themselves. It contained several layers, each representing a portion of the traditional Christmas dinner eaten in the UK, including a later of bacon and egg, mince pie, turkey and potatoes, gravy, cranberyy sauce, sprouts and stuffing, carrots and parsnips, and of course Christmas pudding. Yep, sounds like one disgusting xmas.

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Liam Robertson is a video game researcher and archiver. In his spare time, Liam creates videos and articles for various outlets, and will also be contributing to the Did You Know Gaming channel.

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  1. Yeah, sure the tinner is fake, but finding out the details of HOW fake it is? That makes for a fantastic story, great work Liam!

  2. Game's Christmas Tinner; It "Tastes like Feet"

  3. That Ugly person photo contest in 2002 would be more awkward to take part in when you think about the fact camera phones weren't too mainstream so you'd have people with actual cameras going around to snap photos.

  4. I'll just send my own picture by myself. 💪😎

  5. Didn't Stuart Ashen eat something like this once?
    Stuart was on this show before. You guys should ask him.

  6. Yea game is the UK version of gamestop

  7. Reminds me of Rachel's trifle from Friends 🤣😭

  8. man do I hate game "journalists". just regurgitating PR

  9. This video is because they won't make any more Did You Know Food videos.

  10. ネットで通りすがるブラジル人(ntbxp) says:

    If I'm gonna eat something like this, I'm gonna eat cake in a can just to see if it's good or not.

  11. Pretty sure there is an actual brand that makes this, i think h3 or idubbbz or one of those og edgetubers ate it in a video, but it wasnt labeled as a gamer food item.

  12. Honestly, I'd try this stuff if it were real

    If it tasted alright I'd take it camping too

  13. "I would rather eat shit than that!" Oh wait …..

  14. I think Messi has beat the Egg on instagram haha

  15. Honestly, the part of this story that amazed me the most is learning that there's a major line of gaming stores in the UK literally just called "Game." That's wonderful.

  16. I seen this on boxing day in GAME not tried it.

  17. "After being unleashed upon the world" 🤣🤣🤣

  18. 9:00 Loving this video… I do recall that Ashen's managed to get a hold of one I think… He did a Video review some years ago… I know for a fact that at least ONE Brit YouTuber I follow has indeed managed to get a hold of one at some point… (Though having watched the full video… That was probably fake too!)

    Though I feel it was just a Gimmick… That being said, Given some of the crap we see on our store shelves, This probably is NOT THE WORST! Has anyone ever had that Chicken in a Can??? or the CAN-WICH (A Sandwich in a Can!!!) – I did try one.. They were AWFUL!

  19. This should be a real product though, it'd be very popular in North Korea or during Hyperinflatory times when people cannot afford to buy a proper meal and would thus be forced to buy tinned and/or frozen meals using Klarna (you can probably do this at some stores in the UK now)…

  20. The Game Headquarters is in Basingstoke too

  21. The only thing sadder than this is what happened to Colbert's pride and dignity.

    But the Tinner is probably safer than the shot.

  22. "oh yeah, we can make your dissertation creation real, you know, the commentary about consumerism? yeah, we want to make it, but christmas themed as a marketing stunt!" lol

  23. Slight correction: in 2013, Glen Tickle was writing for gaming website Geekosystem. Their parent company merged them with their other nerd-centric new blog The Mary Sue in mid-2014, and all the articles were migrated over to TMS’s site.

  24. As an American were known for eating, some absolutely horrible crap but I have to admit I’m extremely glad this doesn’t exist.
    It’s remarkable that they created something so clearly fake but made people believe in it so much. Now that’s the true power of the Internet and marketing.

  25. PSA: it was fake, yes. there are a few vids on here teasing about people eating it, but they made it themselves and simply printed the label. not sure how people can say "eew", it's literally the people who won't let peas touch mashed potatoes or bread touch meat.. weird. anyway, it technically looks delicious, i'd imagine the eggs and bacon have a hint of sweetness to them.

  26. The real lesson is that the media's freakout over this without looking any deeper than the surface, the total lack of skepticism, that's how they report on everything, it wasn't unique to this story.

  27. I could see why British people and stupid Americans (Colbert) would fall for it. Colbert falls for and agrees with everything stupid. As for the British, they sell similar products at Poundland. Asher’s food channel has him eating and reviewing them.

  28. What is that accent?? At the very beginning of the video? With the word "year"?
    "The YEAUH is 2013"

  29. this was a great documentary featurette on the fact that the creative class has ceased to serve its purpose

  30. I'm honestly sure I remember seeing this a few years before 2013, including it being packaged in one of those self-heating cans.

  31. LOL I went to Kingston School of art too nice

  32. in the aftermath of it all, a novelty can you can twist open and hold little Switch carts or something in would be amazing

  33. This would have made a huge hit, not only for gamers, but campers, preppers…etc

  34. "Tastes like feet"
    Was that a reference to the Friends episode where Rachel cooks a horrible mess of a dessert that had whipped cream and beef among other stuff?

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