The Most Viewed NFL Christmas Games Of All-Time🎅🎄 -

The Most Viewed NFL Christmas Games Of All-Time🎅🎄

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  1. The Vikings vs Saints had a little advantage😂😂

  2. Bro I can’t wait for this Christmas it going to be 🔥

  3. I hate Christmas so this was not a good video for me! Still liked it tho cuz your a fire YouTuber

  4. I remember watching the Steelers and ravens game because whoever won the game would go into the playoffs and Antonio brown scored the game winning touchdown but I was too busy playing with my new laser x guns that I got lol

  5. Saints vs Vikings I think you mean Alvin Kamara vs Vikings

  6. You should add the number of views they had, then it would give us a sense of scale

  7. I am a bears fan I have a feeling that Sunday's game will be the most veiwed Nfl game

  8. Kinda weird that you’re showing games from years ago but current rosters

  9. The ab reach out🖤💛😭

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