The NBA Christmas Games Were Actually Really Good -

The NBA Christmas Games Were Actually Really Good

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What was your favorite game?

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  1. Westbrook hasn’t been good overall. He’s had a string of games recently where he played better. But, he has not played well for the Lakers this season

  2. Merry Christmas cone thanks for the great content this year

  3. Russ Stans (me included) tap in, how we feeling?

  4. Merry Christmas my guy hope you had a good one. I got surprised with tickets to see the timberwolves play the pacers in February at bankers life

  5. I’m glad Donovan got his chance to shine on national tv, he dropped 30+ even tho he couldn’t hit a jump shot and was bullying every big man on the Mavs in the paint

  6. Do you do anything other than watch basketball?

  7. Merry Christmas man, more milestones to come

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