The PERFECT Cozy Games for Christmas! (Nintendo Switch) -

The PERFECT Cozy Games for Christmas! (Nintendo Switch)

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The BEST cozy games for Christmas

– Disney Dreamlight Valley
– Nino Kuni
– Animal Crossing New Horizons
– The Red Lantern
– Ooblets
– Cozy Grove
– Night in the Woods
– The Long Dark
-Youtubers Life 2

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  1. If anyone has a Steam Deck or other hardware I recommend the games Shredders or Steep, they’re cozy if snow sports are your preferred winter activity!

  2. I played switch sports with my family last night. we played until 2am lol

  3. Have you seen and /or tried ‘Watch over Christmas’?

    Thanks for another great video, Amanda

  4. I love Ni No Kuni. The problem is that I can't figure out to get enough items to beat the extremely overpowered final boss. I find this boss very unfair.

  5. Stoked for the DIsney update. Thanks for showing me more games I need in my life.

  6. I keep waiting for The Red Lantern to go on sale. I don’t think it ever will.

  7. Omgosh Ooblets got a Christmas update! I also have Cozy Grove but I haven't started yet. I'm hooked on Cult of the Lambs right now 😀 I finished Night in the Woods long ago and it is lovely!! Highly recommended!

  8. OMG the game with the cat was my first switch game!

  9. The Long dark?? 😍 😍 I love you! Thats my favorite!

  10. Have you played Röki? Although there are Scandinavian monsters and the story is a tearjerker; the art style, music, and winter vibes are very cozy.

  11. Brilliant list have most of the games but need to get night in the woods. I love the long dark. Hoping the final part of story mode isn't too far off. Kholat narrated by Sean bean is another winter thriller game. I would also recommend Siberia I love following Kate walker on her adventures.

  12. I am so happy that Disney Valley's update will be on my birthday!! Thank you for another great video

  13. Great video as usual thanks so much, but which one do I play first? 🌲

  14. I‘m so busy with Disney Dreamlight Valley at the moment😂 I don‘t think I will be able to play another game for some time even though I have a few on my list🥲 so many games but not enough time

  15. I believe cozy grove winter festival starts 20th december this year but I might be wrong. Excellent video 🙂

  16. Gosh! It’s been months since I’ve played cozy grove, but for a winter event? Best believe I’m firing that baby up 😊 thanks for this list, as always – A1

  17. Hi! I would appreciate your opinion or anyone that’s watching as well please! If you didn’t own a Switch right now, would you get one or wait until next year to see if they release a new one? I don’t know what to do! ❤

  18. I'm not really a "cozy gamer" but I definitely have played a few on your list here (Night in the Woods I especially loved!) and there were a couple you mentioned that look very interesting. Your videos are definitely nice and cozy though, and I enjoy watching them because you always present everything in an upbeat, informative, and fun way. Perfect to start my mornings off! 🙂

  19. Every time I start one of your videos and see your hair, I get distracted by how pretty it is and have to start the video over! 😍😅

  20. Omg I didn’t knew the event on cozy groove 😭😭 I loved ittttttttt
    And I loved night in the woods, I am obsessed for getting it for switch but it’s expensive 😢

  21. I am so dang excited for the Disney Dream Light valley update tomorrow. and Excited for your live stream of it 😁

  22. Anyone knows if Disney Dreamlight Valley is working better on the switch now? Because I feel like I heard there were a lot of glitches initially. I'd rather get it on the switch than PC because it feels like a game to chill with anytime and anywhere.

  23. I love seeing your friendly face on my youtube! Love your videos, love your vibe <3

  24. You have turned me into a Cozy Gamer (minus my years-long obsession with Wow still). Thanks to you I already have many games on this list, and yes, I am excited about the DDV update tomorrow! I have never heard of The Red Lantern before, that is now on my list as well as YouTubers Life 2. Now to go watch your ranking video!

  25. New subscriber, Love your video's : )

    Would love a video showing how you display/store all your games & consoles

  26. Also there is a minigame (about 2hrs long) included with A Night In The Woods called Lost Constellation. It's about an astronomer travelling through snow covered forest in search of a star. It has more of a winter / Christmas vibe than the main game which is generally fall / Halloween themed. And thank you for the recommendations, I'll definitely check The long dark.

  27. Ooblets was my surprise of the year. I bought it when it came out to tide me over until Harvestella, and I had no idea how much time and fun I'd get out of it. I thought I'd like it okay enough. I didn't know I'd love it. So good!

  28. Thank you for making this content, I just got a Nintendo Switch, and I am so happy to try the games you have spotlighted in your videos.

  29. I just have to add Tinykin to this list! It's extremely cozy and my favorite game I played this year.

  30. Oh my Red Lantern! As a half-husky owner that makes my heart sing.

  31. Omg u mentioned Night in the woods 😭😭❤️ my all time favorite game. I bought it for every device I own and play it every year at least once. It’s just perfect!!

  32. I love to play LEGO Harry Potter each year at Christmas–it is my cozy Christmas game 🙂 but I definitely need to check out some of the ones you mentioned. Especially Dreamlight Valley 🤩

  33. Thankfully, I still have the Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Even though I didn’t finish, I can try finishing it for the Switch version. And I’ve love the second game, Ni No Kuni II, which I just finished it.

  34. what is the residint service how do i do it??

  35. The way I SQUEALED at the Shrumbo in the beanie🥰🎄❤

  36. I had so hoped Nightmare Before Christmas would have come to DDV in the update but am enjoying the Star Path items at least.

    My poor ACNH villagers haven't seen me in like 8mo I think 😳 lol

    Super excited to see the Ooblets Christmas event, I must have missed the Discord notification! Will have to hop on my weekend.
    I have had Cozy Grove for months but still actually need to play it, good tome to start it sounds like!! Still need to grab the DLC yet too heh

    I have been thinking about getting Long Dark but, wasn't keen on the hunting etc though but if there's more chill modes maybe.

    Oh! I just got Youtubers Life 2 on Deck yesterday as it's 50% on Steam! I played through the tutorial after work and love it!!

  37. I just watched Howl's moving Castle as well. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loved it!!!

  38. The sad thing about Animal Crossing is that it is the season is the same every year. Nothing new. Of course, we are not getting any new updates at all. 🙁 I got over it after 2 yrs.

  39. I’m so glad I found your videos, they’re as cozy as the games recommended. Thank you for being so sweet!

  40. I’m thinking about getting dreamlight valley for my boys who live Zelda breath of the wild and minecraft. They are ages 10, 14, & 16. Will they think it’s too girly?

  41. I have a question i will give has a gift this christmas the animal crossing and the switch. I came to understand that animal crossing will not have any more support or updates in the future, but what that means about that season events you discribed like the christmas one? So no more seasonal characters or objectives besides only the enviormental change (winter spring summer)

  42. Is DDV fun if you don’t like Disney? Seems like there’s lots to do but I’m really not into Disney

  43. Is Night in the Woods on Switch support 30 second capture?

  44. Binge watching your videos and my Nintendo wishlist is getting bigger cuz of you! So thanks 😁

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