The Rockettes guess popular holiday songs | Christmas Games -

The Rockettes guess popular holiday songs | Christmas Games

The Rockettes
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We played a friendly round of Christmas song charades and the results may surprise you 🤣


  1. The costumes are so detailed and beautiful

  2. This is so cute I love to dance and I would love to be a rockette

  3. Their shoes match their skin tone. The only thing that varies on their costumes.

  4. Thanks for the laugh'! I enjoyed this, Thank you bunches.


  6. I love their costumes 💖💖💖

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to your performance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

  8. These are always adorable and the girls doing it in full toy soldier outfits are absolutely adorable.

  9. The epitome of elegant femininity, right there …

  10. How many costumes do they wear? Amazing.

  11. The way they all knew Mariah!!! 😄🙌🏽


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  13. All of this was great, but I love the fact they got the "12 Days of Christmas" from the Rockette choreo!

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