The Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game Challenge (Original) -

The Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game Challenge (Original)

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This Christmas party game is a must! We featured the game on and it has become a huge hit! Here is a video of how to make the game and play the game! Enjoy!

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  1. I’m using leftover packing stretch tape, is that fine?

  2. Try not ripping the plastic. Whoever does, loses their turn.

  3. I started this tradition 3 years ago, my grand children, (young adults) LUV IT, wish I had seen these Christmas games years ago. My Grand daughter, the oldest says, she will continue this year each, so nice to know it's gonna be a long tradition in my family for years to come, We also started the Christmas Mitten Game at the same time. Also so much fun, I always put a gift card in for Movie passes, or somewhere to eat, Then, Their ALL winners, who ever wins, takes the other 3 🙂 Happy Holidays ALL

  4. Trust me , do this with a gift and a bunch of layers of wrapping paper , but like musically chair so who has it unwraps one layer , funnier

  5. Use the plastic wrap for extra packing protection when packing Christmas up. sounds fun

  6. I did that ones!😏😘😍🤗🤪😂❤️

  7. What a wonderful way to create needless plastic waste. Evolve!

  8. This game is a hit, I play power hour on youtube while a group of 4 to 6 play so you pass the ball whenever the song changes, I use 2 balls and it gets intense. Everyone barters and trades at the end, my favorite game ever!

  9. We just did this today it was really fun…course all adults ..scratch tickets, nipper shots gift certificates lol

  10. I'm not doing this on Christmas I'm looking for a bunch of fun games some New Year's Eve drinking games anything fun and this is most definitely fine but we smoke weed so I guess I could put some weed Buds and wrap that up in some plastic with some wraps and black and miles and stuff like that and we'll have fun thank you so much for the idea I can probably put candy in there as well for our munchie food cuz we be hungry after we get high

  11. Jesus Christ. Pun intended. Why – with all the plastic trash filling this Earth – would you possibly use Saran wrap this way? Please, for the love of God, use something else. That roll of paper that comes inside Amazon packaging… something. ANYTHING! A bolt of fabric, that can later be reused….

  12. We played this again this year and it was loads of fun! If you haven't played it, you should. It's the highlight of the party.

  13. so do you keep the candy you unwrap or share ty

  14. That game is really fun that I’ve played before!!!

  15. This is really cute and looks like a lot of fun – but it is also an absolutely appalling waste of plastic that will just end up in a landfill or the ocean, with all of the attendant pollution and animal injury/death problems. Please find some other way to entertain yourselves that doesn't contribute so shockingly to the desecration of the earth.

  16. This is by far the coolest Christmas game ever! My family freaks out when playing this every year, now! Last year, every family member made their own ball — which was awesome because we got to play it like 9 times in one night!

  17. If you have multiple kids playing how do you decide when the next 2 players start the game?

  18. We are gonna play this again this year
    I posted a video on it in the past. tfs!

  19. Omg such an awesome idea I can’t wait to make these for Christmas parties

  20. How much wrap did you use before the cops came?

  21. In this age of environmental awareness….this waste of Plastic shows the Ignorance of people who dont really care……

  22. So much waste of plastic wrap tape…and what are u going to do with it after few minuts of play? Throw away and make more rubbish to the mother Earth to take care of?! Christmas games are fun as long as they not produce so much wastes. It's better with paper as paper can be recycled. I would not promote that kind of fun to the youngest in the family what kind of example this can make for them that adults don't care of environment they live in and they should do the same? Ech..:-(

  23. Like the light and sound idea. Just need to figure out how to turn it on once it’s wrapped in. Maybe a remote one. Turns out to be a gift also. Or a timed one.

  24. Typical of American Christmas to have excessive and wasteful traditions.

  25. Did this last year for family as a surprise during Thanksgiving to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. It was a huge hit. Hid some airplane bottles of booze, dollar bills, scratcher tickets, restaurant gift cards, and of course, candy to the ball. Everyone had a decent pile and it was fun watching them fight to get the next prize that they could see before the next person stole it.

  26. We have been playing this for the last two years , it's so much fun

  27. In a world already drowning in plastic, this is disgusting . No doubt the used cling wrap will go straight to the garbage bin and landfill. I’m saddened that some self obsessed fool even thought so such a monumental waste

  28. I have a video on making a similar one! Too bad we can't play this year with stupid Covid!

  29. My mom and her friend made it and there was oat meal and protein bars lol

  30. How wasteful. Plastic wrap can't be recycled. Only in America…

  31. There’s have to be another way and not using plastic, we have to care for our planet 🌎🙏🏼💚

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