These Christmas games get VERY competitive...! -

These Christmas games get VERY competitive…!

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Jess Naz and Ria Percival go head-to-head with Josie Green and Rosella Ayane in some traditional Christmas games. Both teams complete rounds of Pictionary and Charades to earn throws and score points on to the Reindeer Antlers! This video is full of festive fun, VAR calls and …deer?

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  1. IM Legit SUBBBING to EVERYONE who SUBBBED to ME➊ says:

    “Who else randomly started watching them and now it’s just an everyday thing?” ❤️ ‎

  2. pls marriage with son. korea want to see next PL player

  3. Sell ​​Kane, he doesn't want to stay anymore, we don't need players like that.

  4. A Christmas gift for spurs fans to remember : Pape Matar Sarr

  5. 손흥민 은퇴 전에 토트넘에서 우승하는거 보고싶다..

  6. Any chance of having a seperate Account for women's football please we don't need it stinking up the men's game. Cheers 👍

  7. Can you do the men please thank you 😊 🙏

  8. Is it true that many players and coaches tested positive for COVID-19?

  9. English woman: "Is that a Nyke tick?"
    American: "It's called a Nike swoosh 🤦‍♂️"

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