These Christmas scary games were free and I still want a refund -

These Christmas scary games were free and I still want a refund

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These Christmas scary games were free and I still want a refund

I played nearly 15 free Christmas scary games and I want to be reimbursed for each one.

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  1. can you play Mandela invesion or watch the Mandela catalogue

  2. He has so many tiktok followers but not YouTube subscribers how is this guy underrated?
    He created such a good content for us to enjoy

  3. There's no way the cheese king will heart this, he does though I'll ban cheese in America.

  4. personally felt dick n' ball torture… I go by Denise now

  5. The second one had the Worst jumpscare ever

  6. During the skit when he asked for the pills he said "the pill of containers" idk if anyone else caught that lmao

  7. Judging by the music in this video someone just played halo reach

  8. yo alfa try to play The Catacombs of Solaris Revisited

  9. You should play Krampus Is Home for this year's christmas, want to see how far you can get in the game lmfao

  10. Did anyone else notice he was clapping a polyrhythm with the Christmas music in the beginning?

  11. when he was laying face down i thought to myself "PRANK HIM JOHN"

  12. Bro the ambiance music is literally General Grievous' theme from Star Wars.

  13. Who what's up with that creepy in the back does 😏😖😩😳

  14. Santa invented the side walk line hit me so fucking hard xD

  15. The amount of Naruto music I hear in this I can’t

  16. 0:40 Santa may have not gone all that way for cookies, but he did go for cupcakes.

  17. "Santa didn't come all this way for cookies"
    He did come there for milk though

  18. talk about getting in the season. Also the cold is pretty scary

  19. Can you play this game too plz?

    nights at mr stevens restaurant

  20. This may be my favorite AlfaOxtro video, and one of the best videos on youtube along with his liminal video.

  21. i love that you know villager news that is my whole childhood

  22. epic montage of santa being drunk and flying
    L L E V E N P O L K A

  23. Like how both the first games suck in sensitivity in opposite ways. 😂😂😂😂🤣

  24. "First he comes on the chimney, then he comes on your face' -AlfaOxtrot, 2021

  25. Hold on…I’ve watched this in the past, but somehow I didn’t realize until now that he said “pill of containers” in the skit…

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